Oldham’s Seb Lowe has given an interview to The Oldham Times following his Glastonbury debut.

TikTok sensation Seb Lowe lives in Delph – but now he’s played in one of the country’s largest festivals.

Seb, who is still in his gap year after finishing Oldham Sixth Form College, made his Glastonbury debut on the Left Field Stage as part of Billy Bragg’s Radical Round Up, alongside Tom A. Smith and Jess Silk.

Before his music career took off, the musician had been planning to attend Birmingham University to study English and History – something he says is now off the table.

Speaking to The Oldham Times following his Glastonbury debut, Seb, aged 18, said: “There’s not really many words for it, to be honest.

“Massive – the place is huge. I had the best time going around the festival and getting lost.

“The performance was great – really good vibe. Backstage was lovely – meeting all these interesting people.

“Before me, there was a talk that Andy Burnham was a part of; I got to chatting with him backstage, he was a lovely, lovely guy.

The Oldham Times: Seb on stage. Photo: Jake EtchesSeb on stage. Photo: Jake Etches

“It was a talk about the state of the nation and politics – which led quite nicely to our bit, the Radical Round Up.”

Seb said the crowd were intent on listening – with songs that meant something to the songwriter.

He continued: “There were three of us performing, alongside Billy Bragg – me, Tom A. Smith, and Jess Silk, who were all brilliant.

“We all took turns doing a song.

“Most songs had some kind of meaning or message – Jess Silk and Billy Bragg both did songs about Roe v Wade.

“I did a song about the Peterloo Massacre, which is a really long kind of rambling song I rarely play, but it felt like the right place to do it – it was an intensely listening crowd.

The Oldham Times: Seb on stage. Photo: Jake EtchesSeb on stage. Photo: Jake Etches

“After I finished, people came up to me and said ‘the words were great’ – that’s always a great feeling because it means they really listened.

“People were there to listen to the message – and that rings true of Glastonbury as a whole, it has this purpose, a hope for change – it’s just a great festival, in that respect.”

A TikTok star, Seb was recognised by fans at the festival.

He continued: “There were a few people there watching me, who came for a chat after and for a photo.

“It’s crazy, it always is. It’s wicked.”

The future

Asked about his plans for the future, Seb said he’s going to be supporting the DMA’s for the second time in Margate and Scarborough on Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9, respectively.

After that, the singer has more festivals planned and is hoping to get some more songs out too, which he says keeps him going – adding: “I’m always writing – that’s my favourite part of it.

“Gigs are so fun, don’t get me wrong – I love performing live and meeting people.

“But writing songs and being in the practice room in the band is a whole other level of enjoyment – that’s the thing that started it, and it’s the thing that keeps it going.

“I didn’t start doing live shows, I started writing songs and posting them, and that’s what brings me the most joy.”

Seb’s next album

Asked about his next album, Seb says he already has a lot written – but there’s more to do to make them in to songs, adding: “We shall see – I’ve got the odd song here and there, that are kind of fizzling.

“But that’s just so exciting for me, I can’t wait.”

Seb’s album The Other Half is out now.