Frustrated organisers have cancelled the much-loved Yanks are Back in Saddleworth weekend scheduled for next month.

Thousands of 1940s fans have been drawn to the nostalgic event which has over the last 20 years become a firm favourite in the community calendar.

But on Sunday, Paul ‘Dog Tags’ Higginson, the mastermind  behind the two day event scheduled for August 7-8, said: “After months of working tirelessly to stage this year's event, it has now become apparent that it will not take place this year.”

The annual military show and vehicle parade is the centrepiece of forties-themed entertainment and historical displays across Uppermill and Dobcross where scenes from Yanks, a film starring Richard Gere, were shot in 1979. 

The weekend established itself as part of Saddleworth's summer events and winds back the clock to the World War Two era.

And, like the film set, reenactors and vintage military vehicle owners recreated an atmosphere of wartime Britain with a galaxy of historical entertainment, period stalls, dancing, military vehicle parade and a historic flypast.

Mr Higginson said: “Very sadly none of that will happen this year.  

"There are many reasons behind this decision. Mainly finding a new venue and financial restraints, due to the event not taking place over the last two years.

“Sadly, there was no financial help forthcoming from the businesses of Uppermill, including the last eight years, apart from one public house.

“And, if we are to stage the show next year, financial help will be needed from the Uppermill businesses.

"They have gone along with the attitude for far too long, that the organisers would be staging the show, so why should we feel the need to contribute.”

The key to the event is location problems centred around Saddleworth School’s re-location to new multimillion-pound state-of-the-art facilities at Huddersfield road, Diggle. 

The old school - the heart of the weekend showcase - has been earmarked for development and Mr Higginson says he has been working very hard behind the scenes seeking a fresh location.

But although all the main attractions are cancelled, there will be a funfair on King George playing fields in Uppermill over the weekend and a swing ball at the Civic Centre Saturday evening.

Mr Higginson added: “Because the event has not operated over the last two years we hardly have any funds to regenerate the show.

"We all need to sit down and discuss a way forward for 2023, to stage a show which Uppermill and Saddleworth can be very proud.”