A school in Oldham is praising one of its pupils for having a “fantastic attitude” in his unwavering commitment to swimming which has seen him gain numerous medals, awards and trophies in his young life.

Lee Scholes is a Year 7 pupil at Oasis Academy Oldham and an avid swimmer who rises early every morning to train.

The 12-year-old trains between six to eight times every week, which includes training in the morning at 5.30 am before school.

The Oldham Times: Lee with his collection of medals at Oasis Academy Oldham.Lee with his collection of medals at Oasis Academy Oldham.

And despite his rigorous training regime, he still manages to make it to Breakfast Club and play table tennis at 7.30 am before the day starts.

However, he is determined to aim for the Commonwealth and, one day, the Olympics, according to his step mum.

The youngster spends most of his weekends away racing in swimming events and has collected many medals and trophies throughout his promising swimming career so far.

The Oldham Times: Lee with his younger brother, Lucas. (Left to right).Lee with his younger brother, Lucas. (Left to right).

He qualified earlier this year to swim at the Lancashire County Championships and the North West Regional Championships.

Lee said: “I enjoy the physical challenge swimming gives you.

“I have to manage my time well, and relish the amount of work you have to put in to be the best.”

His favourite race is the 200-metre butterfly – one of the most demanding races – while his favourite medal is his bronze medal which he won in the 100metre backstroke race at the North West regional championships

Step-mum, Aimee Jackson said: "Lee actually entered the world in a pool - his mum, Shelby, had a water birth.

The Oldham Times: Lee was brought into the world by a water birth.Lee was brought into the world by a water birth.

"Lee has tried all sports and played for many clubs but once Lee entered the world of swimming, he gave it all up to swim as he found his love and passion for the sport.

"Lee says the thought of becoming an Olympic champion one day, and that is what drives him to wake up in the morning."

Ms Jackson said Lee is often the first one in the pool and the last one out and is continually hitting his personal bests.

A popular student with many friends, Ms Jackson said Lee takes competition seriously but before and after the race, he can be seen helping other swimmers if they need it and is the "first to congratulate swimmers after a win or a loss."

The Oldham Times: The boy trains multiple times a week.The boy trains multiple times a week.

Ms Jackson added: "Lee is a unique individual with so much more to give. 

"We are excited to watch Lee grow and see where the swim journey takes him as every year he comes back stronger.

"We are extremely proud of Lee. He is a fantastic role model, especially to his little brother Lucas who has just started racing and you can guarantee Lee is at the end of his lane cheering him on.

"We are thankful for Orca and Oldham Aquatics for their support of Lee always pushing him.

"We are extremely grateful.

"Also Oasis school have been amazing."

The Oldham Times: He has collected countless medals and awards in swimming competitions.He has collected countless medals and awards in swimming competitions.

In a post online, Oasis Academy Oldham said: “What a fantastic attitude this young man has, it is a great example of the Oasis ethos statement of perseverance, to keep going for the long haul in order to reach his full God-given potential.”