Royton-based Luke Walters made an appearance on Channel 4’s hit series First Dates last night.

Speaking to The Oldham Times, Luke, aged 33, described the experience as 'different'.

He said: “They put you in your hotel, give you a certain time to go to a different place, and then suddenly you’re walking into the restaurant and you’re meeting Fred.

“It’s definitely different, I’ve never been on a blind date before – it’s odd when you’re meeting people you’ve seen on TV before and suddenly you meet a girl and suddenly you’re realising ‘oh God, this is going to be on TV.’”

While the end of the episode revealed Luke and his date Lana, a car parts salesperson who lives in Cheshire, had gone on a second date bowling, Luke said the couple did not meet again afterwards.

Luke said: “We had one more date and then that was the end of it, really.

“She is a really nice girl, lovely – but maybe I wasn’t quite ready to take that step, dating, any further so I didn’t go any further with it.

“But for all intents and purposes, it worked out really well. We went on a second date and texted for a couple of weeks afterwards, but it kind of fizzled out a bit.”

Luke hosts a quiz every other Thursday at the Duke of Edinburgh pub.

Pub landlord Terry English told The Oldham Times that they were doing a charity raffle to auction off Luke to a lucky single, saying: “It just brings a bit of fun to the place, doesn’t it?”

The Oldham Times: Luke outside the Duke of Edinburgh in RoytonLuke outside the Duke of Edinburgh in Royton

Speaking about the auction, Luke said: “It’s for charity, whoever wins gets to go on a date with me because I’m still single.

“It’s for the charity of my choice; it’ll be funny.

“I host a pub quiz in there every other Thursday so I’m quite well known around the pub. We do karaoke and that all there so I just thought we’ll do it – it’s a laugh.”

While the show stated Luke was from Rochdale, Luke insisted to The Oldham Times that he is from Royton.

The episode was filmed at a branch of Slug & Lettuce in Manchester city centre.

The episode can be streamed on All4 now.