A competitive eater who claims to hold 27 Guinness World Records has released a video of herself acing the Super 6 Belly Buster Challenge at The Black Ladd pub in Shaw.

Leah Shutkever, from Birmingham, who is the top female competitive eater in Europe according to her YouTube channel, nailed the challenge earlier this month taking first place on the leader board.

The Brummy completed the challenge in a staggering nine minutes and four seconds smashing the previous record of 15-and-a-half minutes set by fellow YouTuber Beard Meets Foods.

The Oldham Times: Black Ladd Pub Black Ladd Pub (Image: Black Ladd Pub)

Chefs at The Black Ladd Pub with Beard Meets Food whose real name is Adam Moran.

In the video, Leah, who has 335,000 YouTube subscribers, pays “massive amounts of compliments to the chef” adding: “The quality of food here is incredible.”

Randy Santel, an American professional eater with 1.47 million subscribers on YouTube, also took on the challenge this month but failed to beat Leah’s time, completing the monster breakfast in 21 minutes and one second putting him in third place on the leader board.

The rules for the challenge, devised by general manager Keiran Leach and landlord Paul Mahon, are that eaters have 30 minutes to complete it and if successful they get the meal for free and if not, they have to cough up £29.95.

A £50 gift voucher will be awarded to the person who completes it in the fastest time.

The challenge includes a total of 54 items: six portions each of sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, French toast, hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms and black puddings, along with a large tray of beans.

The pub, which previously had a 100oz steak challenge, introduced the breakfast challenge in January and extended it shortly after due to popular demand.

To put yourself forward for the Super Six Belly Buster, a pre-booking must be made.

To watch Lea Shutkever taking on the challenge go to her channel at www.youtube.com/c/LeahShutkever