A violent cannabis addict stole money from his mum before suffocating her twice after flying into a rage.

At the start of a series of crimes, David Treacy, of Edward Street, Oldham, entered a shop in Burnley on December 13 last year and asked a staff member for tobacco, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

But then he stole two bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey after he forced his way through a door near the till to get to the alcohol.

The worker, who was hurt in the incident, was left in shock and considered quitting her job, the court was told.

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In another case, a man was waiting to get money from a Tesco cash machine before Treacy approached and snatched the £250 and left.

He was then arrested on December 31 and released on bail.

Then on January 9, Treacy, 33, arrived at the home of his mum, where he had lived “on-off” since November, and stayed overnight.

She was “quite concerned” because he had assaulted her before.

The following day she discovered he had stolen £20 from her purse.

She also later found that three separate payments of similar value were taken from her bank account.

A week later, when he went back to the address on January 17, Treacy became aggressive towards his mum, who described him as “getting in her face” and “making her feel uncomfortable and scared”.

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The Oldham Times: Manchester Minshull Street Crown CourtManchester Minshull Street Crown Court (Image: Public)

Prosecutor Nick Cockrell said he began “ranting and raving” before he started an assault in which he put his hand over her mouth for around a minute to stop her shouting and preventing her from breathing.

Treacy’s ranting continued before he put her hand over her mouth for around a minute again.

Mr Cockrell said Treacy then tried to stop his mum from leaving her home but she managed to convince him to go to a local Co-op store, which he was banned from entering.

While inside the shop, she called police for help before Treacy “grabbed her from behind”.

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One of her friends was at the shop at the time and stepped in between the mum and son and Treacy assaulted her.

A security guard then removed him from the shop.

He later pleaded guilty to suffocation, three assaults, theft, non-domestic burglary and three counts of fraud.

In a victim impact statement, his mum said she feels “upset” and “no longer trusts” him.

He had 11 previous convictions for 31 offences, including violence against his mum.

Defending, Mark Fireman said Treacy is “thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour”.

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He has mental health problems, has lived homeless for long periods and stole the alcohol to fund his cannabis addiction.

Recorder Peter Horgan noted that the unemployed man was considered to be at risk of assaulting his mum and any partners in the future.

He sentenced Treacy to a total of 81 weeks, just over 18 months, and a restraining order preventing her from contacting his mum was made against him.