A music festival which is due to take place in a popular Oldham restaurant has been forced to scale back after a planning hiccup.

The Old School BBQ Bus in Hollinwood is due to host its first-ever festival on Saturday (September 23) with a line-up of local talent.

Promising a "jampacked" day with "some of the best-sounding tribute bands" and indie acts, Venture Fest tickets have already sold out.

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However, in an update on social media, restaurant boss and head chef, Mark Fairley, said there have been some recent updates which have put the festival "in a bit of jeopardy".

Unfortunately, Mark said the restaurant was unable to secure planning permission from the council to close the road off.

This means the festival won't be able to provide a fairground or any of the market stalls. 

He continued: "That's obviously a big, big thing.

"We've just been too short notice in putting a festival on and all the planning - there's a load of risk assessments to be done for it and I underestimated how hard it was going to be.

"But we've come up with a plan B - there is light at the end of the tunnel."

Mark confirmed Venture Festival would still be pressing ahead in-house.

He added: "We're taking all the tables and chairs out from the inside and we'll have the inside as a standing room only.

"We're still going to be doing street food and obviously will have a bar inside and outside.

"We're setting up another stage on the outside as well where there will be extra tables and stuff going outside so people can watch the artists while having a drink.

"We'll be setting up some other drinking areas as well."

Mark also said, depending on the weather, the team are hoping to get a rodeo bull and "some other things" for children to do.

He admitted organising the festival has been a "big project" in "such a short period of time" but reassured festival goers that the day won't be adversely impacted by the move inhouse.

The Old School BBQ Bus confirmed all the bands are still playing - which includes The Coltens, The Haciendas, The Public Eye, Kestrel Palace, The Notion, and the Cavs and attendees will each get a wristband to enjoy the day's activities.

When it comes to the market vendors, he said he might have a 'market day' on the premises the following week, where the stalls can set up inside the restaurant premises.

He added: "So anyone who has got stock for it can still come and sell it and we'll just do the market stalls the week after.

"All I can do is apologise but it was a project which I thought was going to be easy enough and it's not.

"There have been about 14 risk assessments, we've had to cancel a stage,  but all the same bands will be playing inside and outside, we've got the outside bar, there's going to be food available all day, drink available all day and amazing artists on.

"It's still going to be a cracking day and we'll still sort some bits and bobs to be done throughout the day.

"We're going to make it a belting day and then next year, we can make it even bigger when we've got more time to sort it out."

Mark also said any customers who are unhappy by the announcement can seek a refund on their tickets. 

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