Aldi has informed all of its customers with an account that it is making a few changes to its website.

The supermarket told shoppers on Monday, October 2 that it would be removing the option to login to its main website.

The change follows the closure of its online delivery service back in July.

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In an email sent to its customers on Monday, the budget retailer said: "On the 2nd October we made a few changes to our website, including removing the option to log into our main site.

"You’ll have one less password to remember! But in all seriousness, you can still access the important stuff such as warranty information at

"If you’re opted in we will continue to send all the latest Aldi offers straight to your inbox each week".

Aldi Click & Collect account won't change under the changes

The supermarket giant reassured shoppers that it wouldn't change how they use their Click and Collect account if they have one.

The budget retailer explained: "That account will remain open and can still be accessed at

"We’ll take care of all the hard work, while you sit back and continue to enjoy browsing our amazing range of instore Specialbuys from the comfort of your sofa."

Aldi shopper shares £10 a week shopping list

The Oldham Times: Mia Munro, a student in Newcaste, shared her £10 a week food shop at Aldi. ( Munro, a student in Newcaste, shared her £10 a week food shop at Aldi. ( (Image: Lates

The news comes after one money-savvy Aldi customer shared how she spends just over £10 on her food shop a week.

Mia Munro, a student in Newcastle, created a shopping list and meal plan that she uses to help her groceries go further.

Mia shared her weekly Aldi shopping list with the money-saving community, which came to £10.08 at the time of writing.

The money smart student explained: “If it’s coming to the end of the month and I’m short on money, I save on my weekly shop by sticking to this list that comes to £10. It keeps me going for a week, and doesn’t break the bank.

“The total comes to £10.08 now, so just over a tenner which I think is great value for a week's worth of food. It used to be under a tenner up until a few weeks ago. Prices have gone up".