A chain restaurant operating in Oldham has been given one of the worst hygiene ratings possible, with a safety inspector telling the branch to separate raw and cooked food.

Players in Elk Mill Retail Park, Royton, has been given a rating of ‘one’, meaning ‘major improvement necessary’, according to the Food Standards Agency.

Possible ratings are zero, one, two, three, four, and five.

The fast food chain, which serves a range of burgers, waffles, shakes, and even a chicken roast, operates six branches, all located within Greater Manchester.

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Oldham hygiene inspectors told the branch it needs to separate raw and cooked food, with chicken stored above sauces, and coleslaw next to burgers in the branch’s fridges.

According to the Food Standards Agency, “keeping raw and ready-to-eat food separate is essential to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading.”

Salmonella is one possible result, with symptoms including diarrhoea, fever, and stomach cramps.

The branch was also told it needed to provide hand drying facilities next to the hand wash basin, and supervisors and managers at the branch were told to get a level 2 food hygiene qualification.

Inspectors found two areas in the Royton branch to be ‘generally satisfactory’: handling (including preparation, cooking, reheating, cooling and storage), as well as cleanliness and condition of the facilities.

However, management of food safety brought the branch’s marks down, with ‘major improvement necessary’ in this regard.

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According to the full report, compiled by an Oldham Council officer and shared with The Oldham Times, eight areas of improvement were noted.

As written by the inspector, these were:

  1. The safer food, better business safe methods need completing (immediately).
  2. Probe thermometer needed for cooking temperature.
  3. All staff need to wear protective clothing and person doing raw chicken should have a different apron (immediately).
  4. Hand drying needed at the wash hand basin in the front (immediately).
  5. Raw and cooked need to be separated in the fridge. Chicken above sauces in walk in and coleslaw next to burgers in service fridge.
  6. An antibacterial surface spray is needed.
  7. Instruction manual needed for cleaning ice cream machine using correct antibacterial solution.
  8. Supervisors/managers need a level 2 food hygiene certificate.

Players has been contacted for comment.