The bakery Greggs has announced a sales increase of more than 20 per cent in the most recent quarter compared to the same period last year.

It also reported that cost inflation “had eased” across the business, helping to steady the prices of its value-focused bakes and sandwiches.

The chain has opened 82 stores net in the last 12 months and more shops are set to be opened during the rest of 2023.

The popularity of Greggs has also meant it plans to continue expanding its hours into the evening, with sales after 16:00 now accounting for 8.8 per cent of its commercial activity.

The company said this demand had come in part from the takeaway service, developing from the company’s partnership with Just Eat and Uber Eats.

With the demand for the chain’s products remaining high, here are the Greggs in the Borough of Oldham ranked.

Using Sluurpy – a meta engine which collects data from numerous review websites and aggregates data it to create a final score – the Greggs in Shaw came at the top of the ranking.

Scoring 89/100 from 351 reviews, this Greggs was praised for being clean, having a good selection of food and great customer service.

One reviewer, David Slater, gave it five stars, saying: “I never liked Greggs but this one in Shaw is the nicest place about and the girls behind the counter were so nice.

“I even went about 4.30pm and you know what it’s like getting a buttie at that time but they were so helpful.”

The Greggs in Hollinwood, Failworth placed second in the Sluurpy metric, with a score of 84/100 from 275 ratings.

Dan Oreilly, a regular at this Greggs, said: “This past couple of months it’s definitely improved.

“Monday-Friday mornings the staff are excellent, pleasant, friendly and don’t mess around with the orders anymore.

“I go every morning for a meal deal hot chocolate and bacon baguette, perfect every time.”

There were some complaints of understocking and missing products, but this store placed well overall.

Chadderton Greggs had a more mixed review. Scoring 82/100 from 232 reviews, queuing, business and waiting times seemed to be regular issues from customers’ experiences.

One customer summed up the experience of many well. Shah Jahan said: “I regularly get a coffee from here, love the cappuccino and the price is reasonable as well. A regular cappuccino or latte is £1.95.

“The place is very clean and the location is great with Asda and Boots close by.

“There's also seats inside the place. Plenty of parking but tends to get busy during the mornings.”

The Greggs in the Town Square shopping centre had the same rating as Chadderton, 82/100 from 303 reviews.

There were a variety of issues raised with the store, but amongst them include the prices, quality of products and customer service.

Gary Thompson, a recent reviewer, gave it three stars in his experience: “Service is good and the shop is nice but just too expensive these days.

“Meal deal at £3.60 gets you a drink and a sandwich nothing else. Other retailers providing better quality with a snack at a cheaper price.

“In total spent almost £7 on a meal deal a sausage roll and a Belgian bun. Just too expensive these days.”

Rounding off the top five came the Greggs Outlet on Henshaw Street, Oldham. This store also had a rating of 82/100 from 139 reviews.

Yet this Greggs offers a slightly different service to the others in Oldham.

It serves as an outlet for the company, meaning any food which has not been sold in and around Oldham is removed from the shelves and sent to the Outlet.

This shop on Henshaw Street then sells the items at a discount, in an attempt to prevent food waste.

However, this initiative means the store can be unreliable.

One customer, Ben Gibson, said: “Being an outlet store this place is super cheap but it’s hit or miss as to whether they have any stock or if they can just serve coffee.”