An Oldham mum has launched a petition after an ‘uncomfortable’ encounter with adult toys in Tesco.

Mum Ayesha started the petition on after seeing adult toys on the baby aisle in her local Tesco store.

In the petition, Ayesha Idrees says she is worried about the ‘potential impact’ on her seven-year-old child’s ‘innocence’.

She is asking for ‘adult toys’ to be moved to a separate area of the shop away from areas ‘frequented by children and families’.

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Ayesha wrote: “As a parent myself, I have experienced firsthand the challenges of raising children and ensuring their well-being.

“It was during one of my routine shopping trips to Tesco that I noticed adult toys displayed alongside baby products. 

“This unexpected encounter left me feeling uncomfortable and concerned about the potential impact on my children's innocence.

“It is essential to acknowledge that children are naturally curious beings who absorb information from their surroundings.

“Placing adult toys within reach of innocent eyes not only exposes them prematurely to sexualized content but also blurs the lines between age-appropriate items and those intended for adults only.”

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Now, the mum is asking for the toys to be removed from the baby aisle.

The petition, started on September 29, already has 163 signatures.

Some who had signed the petition had left comments on the website.

Signatory David Dale wrote: “These items used to be hidden in a back area of sex shops - which is where they belong. Now they are in full view (I have seen them in full view in my local Tesco as well) at the supermarket. Absolute degeneracy.”

Lorna Ellen Pritchard wrote: “It's utterly disgusting to expose children to sexual images and dehumanise women and objectify them in a negative way. Just gross. Tesco should not be this desperate. Pathetic.”

Tricia Dudman commented: “A better place in store can be found i.e. the chemist or the medical aisle and on the top shelf.

“What happened to the good ole Ann Summers parties or Love Honey brochures? Let's bring some respect back to our everyday shopping lives please!”

Tesco did not respond to a request for comment.