A family has been left "distraught" after a three-year-old girl was diagnosed with leukaemia for the third time in a year.

Lillianna Loasby, from Milnrow, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia on January 27 this year on what was her third birthday.

She was transferred to Royal Manchester Children's Hospital to undergo treatment and went into remission, however, just weeks later, Lillianna's family were told the leukaemia had returned and that the next step would be intensive chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant.

Throughout the treatment, Lillianna suffered other issues and had to learn how to walk again twice.

She underwent the bone marrow transplant but two months later Lillianna's mother, Morgan, took her to hospital after she had a high temperature and was told that it was suspected to be sepsis.

The Oldham Times: Lillianna Berry was given her first diagnosis on her third birthdayLillianna Berry was given her first diagnosis on her third birthday (Image: Keelie Winterbottom via GoFundMe)

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Further tests were run and the family were given the news that Lillianna's leukaemia had returned once again and that it was more aggressive than ever.

After conversations with consultants and doctors, Lillianna has begun undergoing a new treatment to prolong things in the hope she will be eligible for another treatment in a few months, as long as the leukaemia does not worsen.

Morgan was told there is a "slim" chance of her daughter's leukaemia being cured as the transplant was the best treatment for acute myeloid leukaemia.

The Oldham Times: Lillianna is currently undergoing further treatmentLillianna is currently undergoing further treatment (Image: Keelie Winterbottom via GoFundMe)

As Lillianna continues to fight and her family continue to hope she can make another recovery, family friends Liam and Keelie Winterbottom, from Royton, are looking to raise money for her cause.

The couple will both be taking part in a white-collar boxing event on November 18 in at Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Stretford, Manchester, with all the funds raised by the couple going towards Lillianna's family.

You can donate to Keelie and Liam's fundraiser for Lillianna here.

Keelie said herself and Liam are currently taking part in an eight-week training programme as they prepare for the fight night, when they will each wear a vest and shorts with Lilliana's name and picture on them.

Keelie said: "We are taking this fight very serious because of the cause we are doing it for."

She described Lillianna as "gorgeous" and is hoping to raise as much money as possible.