More than 1,000 people turned out for a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Oldham town centre this afternoon, Sunday.

People of all ages, including many children, turned out on Curzon Street, waving Palestinian flags, lighting flares and chanting.

The demonstration comes after the recent outbreak of violence between Hamas and Israel.

The peace rally, as organisers called it, began at midday, with a number of people speaking to the large crowd.

The Oldham Times: The rally in Oldham this afternoon, SundayThe rally in Oldham this afternoon, Sunday (Image: Newsquest)

The Oldham Times: The rally in Oldham this afternoon, SundayThe rally in Oldham this afternoon, Sunday (Image: Newsquest)

Demonstrators then marched to Oldham Civic Centre at around 2.30pm, before returning to Curzon Street where the demonstration ended.

One woman named Afsha spoke tearfully as she told the crowd her husband is currently in a shelter with his family in Gaza.

The Oldham Times: The crowd outside Oldham Civic Centre this afternoon, SundayThe crowd outside Oldham Civic Centre this afternoon, Sunday (Image: Newsquest)

Multiple speakers mentioned the former Elbit Systems UK factory, based in Waterhead, which manufactured arms for Israel.

The factory was sold in early 2022 after protests were held outside the factory each week.

One speaker, Jackie, a founding member of the Oldham Peace and Justice group, said: “I’m a proud Oldhamer and I was proud to stand outside the Elbit factory.

”We were proud and pleased to see what happens when people stand together.”

Sue from Oldham Peace and Justice said: “I work for a project called the Hands Up project which links up with children and teachers in Gaza through zoom.

"Currently, I do not know where the teachers are, if they are dead or alive and I think what is happening to the people in Gaza absolutely abhorrent and heinous."

A statement from United4Palestine, co-organisers of the rally, read: “We are protesting today as our government has failed. The international community is failing and the safeguards we have, our media, to keep them in check has failed magnificently.

"We are on the brink of seeing the complete annihilation of 2.4 million people in Gaza and more deaths of Israelis. 2.4 million people being collectively punished, our government and the opposition have failed to act. They have been by-standers in allowing Israel to commit war crimes”.

Organisers also suggested there would be more pro-Palestinian rallies in and around Oldham and Manchester in the coming weeks.

On Saturday, there were pro-Palestinian demonstrations in Manchester, Bolton and London.