A pub in Oldham that was recently crowned Greater Manchester's 'pub of the year' has reportedly been targeted by petty thieves.

The Fox and Pine pub on Greaves Street in the town centre has proved a popular watering hole for residents and beer enthusiasts from across the region since owners, Chris and Michelle Riley, opened the spot when Covid restrictions ended.

In just a handful of years, the pub's success has snowballed, having recently been crowned 'pub of the year' by the Campaign for Real Ale and receiving a nomination for Manchester's most loved pub at the I Love Manchester Awards.

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It also features in CAMRA's 'Good Beer Guide' 2024 and has been nominated for pub or beer bar of the year at the Manchester Food and Drink Festival (MFDF) Awards 2023.

However, the Riley's revealed in a post on social media that since its surge in fame, 'thieves' have been targeting the premises for items like soap, deodorant, trinkets and even its decorative flowers.

The pair wrote: "We do try to go the extra mile with proper glassware and nice things in our pub.

"If you really are that desperate for some soap, deodorant or some trinkets, please just ask us."

The Fox and Pine said it has some "really hi-tech CCTV" and warned: "It's not hard for us to narrow down who the thieves are."

"Stealing off a family-run small business is really an all-time low", they added.

It's not the first time the pub has been hit by a 'soap' thief, either.

In August, the pub issued a similar notice after a woman allegedly "nicked" their "posh hand soap" from the toilets.

The post added: "Big shout out tonight to the poor lady who is that desperate to be clean.

"We know who you are. If you can't afford your own soap, please let us know. 

"One of us will nip down to Sainsbury's to buy you some."

The news comes as the pub announced this week it will be hosting an "alternative" Halloween party on October 31 from 7.30pm.

The poster for the event reads: "Grub will be on't bar."

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