An Oldham school has honoured former pupil Alisha Goup who was killed in a car crash earlier this year.

A lecture theatre at The Oldham Academy North has been renamed in honour of the 16-year-old who was killed in February by a driver as she walked to college.

In August, two men were jailed for their role in causing Alisha’s death.

A ceremony was held on Tuesday, October 17 at the school with students, staff and Alisha’s family in attendance to unveil a plaque naming the Alisha Goup Lecture Theatre. 

The Oldham Times: The plaque with a blue ribbonThe plaque with a blue ribbon (Image: E-ACT The Oldham Academy North)

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Alisha’s younger brother revealed her memorial plaque at the theatre, which was covered in blue organza, her favourite colour. 

The school also created a memorial card for the event, which featured a poem written by Alisha’s siblings. 

The poem read:

“As each day passes,
I sit and wonder why.
Why you were taken
without a chance to say goodbye?
And as I start thinking
with tears running down my cheeks,
I think of life without you, and it really makes me weep.

“I think of the future,
and nothing seems that bright.
Nothing is the same without you by my side.
All I have are memories and a hole inside my heart.
I knew how much I loved you from the very start.

“I look at the bedroom where you used to rest and sleep.
Now all I have is pictures and memories instead.
I long for you to hug me,
tell me everything's ok.
I just want so much for this
pain to go away.”

A cake was also kindly donated by Desi Cakes & Shakes, Chadderton, from the parents of another student at the school.

The school have spoken about how special Alisha was, stating that she was an intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated student who would produce the most beautifully organised work. 

The school said Alisha had achieved great academic results and was a role model to others.  

The Oldham Times: The cake was donated by a parentThe cake was donated by a parent (Image: E-ACT The Oldham Academy North)

Many of Alisha’s teachers have paid tribute to her.

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Alisha’s former history teacher said she was “always giggling”.  Her maths teacher, Stephanie Gunn, said she had a “quick and dry sense of humour and enjoyed making people laugh”. 

English teacher Emma O’Malley called Alisha the “perfect student” who had “blossomed into an amazing person”.  She said Alisha was “determined to make her family proud”. 

Headteacher Jessica Giraud said: “The death of any young person is tragic; loss of life before it has really begun is always heartbreaking. 

“Her death had a huge impact within the academy and her family’s strength through this ordeal has been incredible. 

The Oldham Times: The ceremony took place at The Oldham Academy NorthThe ceremony took place at The Oldham Academy North (Image: E-ACT The Oldham Academy North)

“Personally, I felt profound grief, which was also palpable all around the academy, and we all wanted to do something to honour Alisha permanently. 

“I hope renaming our theatre in her honour lets her family know how much she meant to us.”

Tom Campbell, chief executive of the E-ACT multi-academy trust, said: “Alisha’s death is such a tragic example of a promising life cut short and I know that nothing can heal the pain her family is experiencing. 

“I am glad that The Oldham Academy North has made a permanent tribute to Alisha and held this ceremony to celebrate her memory.”