A popular pub in Greenfield which has been voted as one of the best places in the borough for a pint has had to temporarily suspend some live music nights after complaints.

The Railway Inn on Shaw Hall Bank Road which sits opposite Greenfield train station has shot up the ranks in popularity with Saddleworth boozers.

Not only is the pub a top drinking spot on the Transpennine Real Ale Trail, but has recently been named in the Campaign for Real Ale's 'Good Beer Guide' 2024 as one of the top 10 places for a pint in the entire borough.

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The prestigious CAMRA guide describes the premises as "unspoilt" and popular for its live music nights every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. 

However, in an announcement on social media on Friday (October 20), bosses at the pub revealed it is having to "temporarily postpone" some of its music nights due to noise complaints.

This includes 'the jam session' which takes place every Thursday at the pub.

Paddy Maguire, who runs the pub, said in the post: "I wanted to drop on to clear up some of the mixed messages that have been on here recently regarding live music at The Railway.

"We have been working hard to resolve these issues and have implemented soundproofing measures to try to combat this.

"Unfortunately, we have not yet cracked it and work continues to rectify it."

The jam session appears to be the only music event to have been suspended while bands and musicians can still perform at the premises, providing they respect the issue and turn down the volume when asked.

However, The Railway said it has already been in conflict with some performers who have not turned the music down when asked by management.

The pub warns: "If this doesn't change, not only are we going to lose live music at The Railway... we will lose Amy (the licensee of the pub) too.

"The ongoing complaint we have is against the licensee and in noise complaint issues with pubs versus the public, the public always wins.

"So it's currently Amy's livelihood which is on the line."

Mr Maguire continued: "I love me some live music and I am a musician myself who has had many great nights at The Railway.

"I would love for music to continue in this great little boozer, but not at the expense of a fantastic colleague.

"From here on out, Amy now has the full authority to ask any band or musician to turn down and they must comply."

The boss said the pub is currently taking volume readings and recording them for the purpose of the complaints, "so if Amy or a member of staff tells you to turn it down, it's for a reason".

He added: "If you don't turn it down, then quite simply, Amy will ask you to stop playing and leave, with no pay for that night and no possibility of future bookings.

"It sucks, I know! But the seriousness of this situation must be realised.

"Please help us while we try to figure this noise issue out so we can get back to our gig nights."

Announcing the suspension of the weekly jam session, The Railway said it has "loved having everyone turn up and entertain us with your skills" but it hoping to get past "this trying time". 

Though local punters criticised those who have complained about the noise on social media, residents were also quick to lend their support to The Railway with most hoping for a speedy resolution.

One woman wrote: "Hope it gets resolved for Amy's sake and the rest of Saddleworth as it's the best local music venue."

Another reiterated: "100 per cent support for Amy and one of the best boozers in Saddleworth.

"We need places like this."

Others also called on "rude and unsympathetic" musicians to comply with the new rules as one comment read: "Any musician worth their salt should be able to adapt and turn down for the sake of the pub."

But many musicians and bands are also rallying around the pub.

Andy Sales Preston, a musician who has performed at The Railway, said: "If turning down a little means we can still play, that's a small price to pay." 

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