A fish and chip shop that has been crowned one of the best in Oldham has announced it has raised its prices again,

The Old Plough Chippy on Huddersfield Road has earnt its stripes among Oldhamers as it continues to be voted as one of the best spots in the borough for a chippy tea.

But in a post on social media on Halloween (October 31), the chippy said it was "so sorry" as it announced a price hike that has come into effect immediately.

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The post continued: "The big boss has spoken and our prices have now changed.

"This is due to everything going up and though we have tried our best to keep the cost down for customers, we have had to add new prices from today.

"We hope you all understand and will continue to support us.

"Much love as always, the plough team."

An updated copy of the menu shows some items have increased by almost a pound, including cod and haddock which has gone up from £4.80 to £5.50, while nuggets and chicken have increased by 50p to £3 and £4 from £2.50 and £3.50 respectively.

Customers will also need to pay slightly more to grab a meal deal with a small fish, chips, side and a can costing £6.50 as opposed to yesterday's price of £5.90.

Elsewhere, costs have risen only marginally for some items, such as the 'chip cone' which is now £1.50 (from £1.20) while the large sausage is £1.90 (from £1.50).

Items from the 'wet stuff' menu are also slightly higher, with customers now paying £1.70 for a large tub of gravy, which was once £1.30, and face similar prices for peas, baked beans and curry sauce.

The only price which appears to have stayed the same is a buttered muffin (80p).

It comes after not only the takeaway being forced to increase its prices last year but also suffering a break-in in July.

Bosses said the "full till" was taken at the time.

In June 2022, The Old Plough said it was "time" to "put our prices up with the rest of the world".

The team said: "We have tried our best not to put up the price but with all our costs going up, there is little we can do."

Despite the raise, residents and loyal customers have been rallying around the chippy and said it is "great value for money" as they always get "huge" portions.

One woman said: "Gone are the days for many families when they had a chippy tea every Friday, sadly, but The Old Plough is a very good chippy. I always recommend it."

Another woman also defended the hike and wrote: "They have to make a living too.

"Their costs go up. They don't work for free. Electricity ain't free is it, come give them a break. Their food is amazing and deserves these prices."

A third added: "It's fair enough in my opinion. Everything is going up and you can't run a business at a loss."

However, others said the prices mean a 'chippy tea' is one of luxury as one pointed out a family of four will pay almost £50.

The Old Plough said in response it understands large groups might find the cost too much but said their staff try to find the best way to order "so people get more for their money".

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