A charitable teenager from Oldham who has been fundraising for causes close to his heart for five years has been awarded a top certification in a special ceremony.

Ibrahim Yousaf, who is known fondly as Ibby by friends and family, has been fundraising for more than a dozen charities in Oldham since the age of 12 through his various 'Team Ibby' challenges.

While the 17-year-old has a plethora of awards already to his name, he attended a special graduation ceremony at University Campus Oldham last month where he was awarded a Certificate of Recognition.

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At the ceremony, it was revealed the humble fundraiser had been donating all his pocket money, birthday money and Eid money for good causes.

The speaker continued: "His courage defies his age and it should be an inspiration to every one of us that we can all make a difference, too.

"His first thought is always for others, but today we put Ibby first and pay tribute to the example he sets.

"His spirit and selflessness simply could not be ignored.

The Oldham Times: Ibby has been donating his pocket money and staging challenges to raise money for Oldham charitiesIbby has been donating his pocket money and staging challenges to raise money for Oldham charities (Image: Darren Robinson Photography)

"So we all say thank you, Ibby and your family, for all you have done and will no doubt continue to do.

"You are an incredible pride for Oldham but you should know that Oldham is immensely proud of you."

The latest accolade comes as Ibby received a Lifetime HACK (Hathershaw Acts of Charity and Kindness) Award from Hathershaw College, just days before his invitation to the ceremony.

Reacting to his recognition certificate, Ibby said: "As a 17-year-old, I never imagined I'd be invited to the graduation ceremony to be awarded the certificate.

"Honoured to meet the staff and congratulations to all the graduates.

"I'm overwhelmed to receive this award and dedicate it to everyone supporting me."

The teen also announced he had a "very overwhelming week" as Team Ibby hit its annual £10,000 fundraising target for the year, where "every pound goes to Oldham charities and local causes".

The Oldham Times: Ibby has been awarded a plethora of top accolades and certificates alreadyIbby has been awarded a plethora of top accolades and certificates already (Image: Darren Robinson Photography)

The 'Team Ibby' group, made up of his family, friends and supporters, said: "Team Ibby are so proud of you, Ibby, our inspirational captain.

"We are in awe at your sheer strength, resilience and dedication to our town, despite our own challenges, inspiring us all to help our local community."

The news comes as the teen received a British Empire Medal (BEM) when he was just 13  years old from the late Queen Elizabeth II - as well as the town's Civic Appreciation Award.

He was also the youngest person in Greater Manchester to have been named in the New Year Honours List and has recently been nominated for an I Love MCR Award 2023 in the 'young person of the year' category.

Some of the charities he supports include the RMCH Charity, Maggie's Oldham, Dr Kershaw's, Mahdlo, Oldham Foodbank, Spoons, Ukeff, Oldham Street Angels, Action Oldham Fund, Real Change Oldham, Team Hill Charitable Trust, TeamReel, Young Carers Positive Steps, OACT and Point Send.

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