A takeaway in Oldham has been praised after it announced it will no longer be selling Coca-Cola and Pepsi drinks.

Chunky Chicken on Lees Road claims to be "top of the pecking order" when it comes to chicken.

Now, bosses at the takeaway have announced it will no longer stock or sell the popular refreshments to customers moving forward.

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In a notice published publicly on social media, Chunky Chicken Oldham said it has made the decision to "withdraw" all Coca-Cola and PepsiCo drinks from the menu.

No reason for the decision has been shared by the business and they Chunky Chicken did not respond when contacted by The Oldham Times.

Many customers, however, have since speculated the decision has come in a bid to boycott the companies for their alleged support for Israel amid the current bombardment of Gaza following the terrorist attack by Hamas on October 7.

The notice on Facebook provides little insight as to why the takeaway has taken the action.

It continued: "They will be replaced with suitable alternatives.

"Thank you for your support and understanding."

The team said there is some limited stock available which will "not be replaced once it is cleared".

Residents and loyal customers have since been posting their support for the move, with many posting Palestinian flags and describing the move as a "win" and a "good decision".

Some said they felt inclined to spend their money at the takeaway, describing it as an "ethically conscious establishment" that is worth the visit. 

One man added: "You've got a new customer, Insha Allah." 

Meanwhile, others said they hoped other businesses would follow suit.

"The sooner more people take up a similar stance globally, the sooner these people will change their ways", another comment read. 

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