A chippy in a Saddleworth village has been working hard for the last 12 months to raise funds for a vital cause.

Diggle Chippy on Huddersfield Road and Ward Lane has been praised by Oldham Mountain Rescue Team for making a "generous donation".

The post on social media reveals all the staff at the chippy have been selling second-hand books in a bid to raise funds for the crew. 

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The team is entirely volunteer-led and relies on donations and support from the public to stay afloat.

While the amount Diggle Chippy raised has not been disclosed, a photograph shows the owner, Rachel Wood, handing over wads of cash.

Oldham Mountain Rescue Team said: "Thank you to all those customers who've purchased a book alongside their delicious fish and chips.

"The team are funded almost entirely by generous donations such as this and support from the wider community."

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