A man killed a "vibrant and kind" 82-year-old woman and seriously injured her daughter and grandson in a crash after driving at 118mph on a 30mph speed limit.

Police were called at around 10.44pm on Friday, May 13 last year to a serious collision on Halifax Road in Rochdale.

Officers attended and enquiries found that 24-year-old, Trent Simm, was driving an Audi S3 at excessive speed along the road when he lost control on a nearside bend.

His car then crossed over onto the opposing carriage way and collided head-on with a Kia Venga motor vehicle travelling in the opposite direction.

Emergency services provided first aid to the three occupants of the Kia Venga, including Doris Bridgehouse who was the driver and two occupants of the Audi S3.

Doris was pronounced dead at the scene.

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Simm was arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard how Doris was out that evening visiting her grandson’s university showcase.

She had driven her daughter and grandson to university for the occasion.

Doris drove her daughter and grandson back home and was driving along Halifax Road.

CCTV evidence shows the Kia was travelling at an average speed of 27mph.


Evidence gathered from CCTV and the Audi S3 demonstrated that Simm had been driving at excessive speeds for a prolonged period as he travelled along Halifax Road towards Rochdale.

Some 200 metres prior to the collision the Audi S3 was travelling around 112mph.

Simm increased his speed and moments before this collision was travelling at 118mph on a 30mph road.

As the Audi S3 entered the left-hand bend, forensic collision reconstruction experts confirmed a loss of control was inevitable.

The Audi S3 crossed over onto the wrong side of the carriageway and collided head-on with the Kia Venga.

Forensic collision reconstruction expert, PS Lister, concludes the impact speed was in excess of 100mph.

When officers initially spoke to Simm, he claimed “the pedals got stuck, and I’ve come round the corner on the wrong side of the road".

Passengers from both vehicles were taken to hospital and suffered serious injuries as a result of this collision.

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On Wednesday, August 2, Simm, now aged 25, of Edenfield Road, Rochdale, was charged with one count of causing death by dangerous driving and two counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He pleaded guilty on Tuesday, October 10.

Simm was sentenced to seven years and four months in prison and disqualified from driving for five years to commence when release from prison for causing death by dangerous driving and causing serious injury by dangerous driving to two passengers in Doris's vehicle.

One of the passengers was Doris's daughter Amanda.

At court, Amanda read a statement to the court and defendant which highlighted that the collision, caused by Simm's reckless driving at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour in a 30 miles per hour speed limit, resulted in severe injuries for her and emotional trauma for the rest of her family.

Doris Bridgehouse, a beloved nurse and cherished family member, was described as a "vibrant and kind" individual.

Amanda - an only child - expressed the profound impact of losing her mother, highlighting the ongoing struggles with grief, memory loss, and the physical and emotional toll of the accident.

Her life has been dramatically altered, both personally and professionally, as she copes with the aftermath of the collision.

The statement concluded with Amanda addressing Simm directly, underscoring the gravity of his actions and the devastating repercussions on both families.

She expressed her hope that Simm will "bear the weight of the consequences for the rest of his life", as they all grapple with the irreparable damage caused by the collision.

Amanda said: “It has changed my family and I forever, given my son Max the most dreadful, shocking, and incomprehensible memories and had a catastrophic impact on both my sons lives.

"You have robbed me and my sons of 'goodbye' to mum and nan and me of the being the mum that I want to be to my sons right now. This is very difficult, and you are going to have to live with your actions for the rest of your life.

"As much as you have destroyed the dynamics of our family, I think that you have also destroyed a part of your own and your family’s.

"I do not feel sorry for you at all- driving at those speeds you are liable to kill someone, and you did. So, actions have consequences and here we are. Rest In Peace, Mum.”

Sergeant Louise Warhurst, from Greater Manchester Police's serious collision investigation unit, said: “What had started out as a special celebratory occasion for Doris and her family ended in tragedy when through no fault of her own, she encountered Trent Simm driving his Audi S3 at manifestly dangerous speeds.

"Trent Simm was treating the public highway as his personal racetrack, reaching astonishing speeds of 118mph in a 30mph residential area. He had no regard whatsoever for the safety of all other members of the public using the roads in Rochdale that evening.

"I would like to thank all the members of the public that tried to assist Doris and her family at the scene of this collision and everyone that came forward to assist the police with their investigation. I would like to thank the family, friends and loved ones of Doris, who have conducted themselves with dignity throughout this investigation.

"I would also like to remind those who think they can ignore the speed limit to think twice before using their car at high speeds. Your actions can devastate innocent members of the public in a split second and no one deserves to lose a loved one this way.

"Dangerous drivers will not be tolerated in our communities. Greater Manchester Police will deal with them robustly to keep people safe from illegal and irresponsible drivers.”