The boss of a former Oldham restaurant has been fined after the premises were found to have mouse droppings and a hole in the wall for pests to get through.

Syed Sadek Ahmed, of Cheviot Avenue, Oldham, appeared at Tameside Magistrates' Court on November 6 having been charged with seven food safety and hygiene offences.

The court heard that on the July 26 last year, food hygiene inspectors attended the former Nandini Restaurant on Manchester Road, Werneth.

When the inspector had a look in the restaurant, they found a number of issues which amounted to food safety and hygiene offences.

Amongst those were mouse droppings found throughout the kitchen, including next to a probe thermometer and inside the container it was kept in.

The inspector also noted a hole in the wall which allowed pests to gain entry into the kitchen.

Elsewhere, the floor under the cooker was dirty and areas of the floor were damaged and therefore could not be cleaned properly.

Both the plate warmer and the storage unit were dirty, while part of the ceiling was damaged.

Finally, the fridge seal was damaged and cardboard had been used to line the shelves, meaning they could not be cleaned.

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An inspector returned to the restaurant just weeks later, on August 22, where further offences were discovered.

The offences were in breach of the EU Hygiene Regulations and on November 6, Ahmed, 52, pleaded guilty to all seven charges.

He was ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £160 and further costs of £1,587, bringing his total costs to £1,747.

The company, Nandini Restaurant Limited, which is currently in liquidation, was also ordered to pay a fine of £250.