The Oldham Athletic manager has taken on a new leadership role in education and has already made a "remarkable" impact.

Latics manager and author, Micky Mellon, has officially joined EdStart Schools as its director of leadership and culture following his pioneering appointment at the special educational needs (SEN) and alternative provision (AP) school.

EdStart aims to offer educational provision and help support young people with special educational needs or who are unable to attend mainstream schools.

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Micky started work with EdStart's leaders to differentiate between management and leadership and learn how a "team" and "people-focus" will see the organisation develop and progress. 

He has developed a philosophy which outlines while good management is based around following processes and maintaining high standards, great leadership is about thinking of the bigger picture and supporting, motivating and inspiring every day.

He wants to see school leaders put themselves in the background to improve everyone else around them to make "brilliant 16-year-olds" with a vision of rolling the programme out across the education sector to help improve other schools.

Micky is a former professional footballer with a career spanning some of the EFL's most prestigious and historic clubs, including Bristol City, West Bromwich Albion, Blackpool, Tranmere Robers, Burnley and Kidderminster Harriers before moving into management in 2006 with Burnley's youth team and moving on to Barnsley as assistant manager.

In 2014, he moved to Shrewsbury Town as head coach and had spells in the same role at Tranmere Rovers, Dundee United and then returned to Tranmere.

The Oldham Times: Micky has already made a remarkable impactMicky has already made a remarkable impact (Image: Jody Hartley/Oldham Athletic/EdStart)

As well as his role at EdStart, he has taken on the position of head coach at Latics with the aim of restoring the club to its former glory and he has found that there is a huge amount of crossover between the education sector and footballing world.

Micky said: "What I'm doing at EdStart is constantly evolving and the more I get to know the business, the more I love it.

"I love the kids because they are kids of character and kids of need, and we are working to develop them under my mantra of 'making brilliant 16-year-olds'.

"Working alongside the Edstart CEO, James Lowe, we've just put together a year-long leadership course for ten leaders of 10 SEN and alternative provision schools with the aim that they take the learnings back to their schools, put leadership into practice and find the next generation of leaders within the organisation.

"I've also taken over as manager at Oldham Athletic and the crossover has been really interesting- I'm taking things that I have developed within education into football and vice versa, and it's very exciting to see that standards are improving in both worlds as a result."

The Oldham Times: James Lowe, EdStart CEOJames Lowe, EdStart CEO (Image: Jody Hartley)

EdStart CEO James Lowe added: “I didn’t know we needed a Micky Mellon, until I met Micky Mellon.

"We had an opportunity at EdStart to increase leadership within the organisation, but we are not about just employing new people to tick a box, we are about developing the skills and qualities of our amazing existing team members.

“We met at an education conference where Micky was speaking about the book that he wrote alongside Phil Denton 'The First 100 Days: Lessons in Leadership From the Football Bosses' and he invited me along to the facilities at Tranmere Rovers, where he was manager at the time.

“When I walked in, the culture within the training facilities and the attitude of every member of staff from players to chefs blew me away, they were all proud leaders, and it was clear that Micky had put all of this in place.

"His passion for working with young people matched mine, and we knew we had to work together to move our ideas forward.

"The impact he has had in just two months at EdStart is quite remarkable.”

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