A football coach from Oldham has provided an update on the health of his son who is battling cancer.

Back in September, Dan Squibbs, who has been running Dan’s Dribblers for 10 years, and his wife Charlotte, announced on social media their three-year-old son, Tommy, had been diagnosed with leukaemia.

Tommy has been undergoing chemotherapy, which has affected Dan's ability to run all the sessions on offer at Dan's Dribblers.

On Sunday morning (November 26), Dan, 40, shared that he had had to cancel the session that day as Tommy had been ill during the night.

Later in the day, Dan said that Tommy's chemotherapy has recently been increased to a higher dosage which "unfortunately comes with higher side effects".

Dan added that Tommy "keeps on fighting everything that comes his way" and thanked people for their messages of support.

Tommy was put on a higher dosage after he did not respond to the second round of chemotherapy he was put on, according to Charlotte.

She shared in a social media post last week that the results from Tommy's second round of the treatment were "far from the results" they had wanted and that Tommy now faced two further rounds of stronger chemotherapy as well as a bone marrow transplant.

Charlotte added that while the family remained positive, they were "deflated and very sad" at the news they had received.

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After Tommy initially received his diagnosis, Gemma Murphy and Jenny Dyer, who met through their sons attending Dan's Dribblers, set up a GoFundMe page with an aim to raise £5,000 to help support the Squibbs family financially.

So far, the initial target has been far surpassed, with more than £11,000 having been raised.

The football sessions are Dan's only source of income as he looks to support his family, which includes two other sons.

Dan has said he looks to continue to run sessions over the coming weekend and the Christmas period.