Oldham musician Clint Boon has announced that he is leaving his role as a radio DJ after nearly 30 years on the airways.

The Inspiral Carpets keyboard player has been a radio presenter for 28 years across a number of stations, including at XS Manchester, where he has been for the last seven years.

In a statement made on his social media yesterday (November 27), the 64-year-old made the announcement.

He said: "After 28 years of being a radio presenter (the last 20 years doing five and six days a week), I’ve decided to step away from this amazing thing to focus on some of the other stuff going on in my life.

"My work in the world of radio has given me a sense of stability and security which I’ve never experienced in any other aspect of my career.

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"Being in a band, being a club DJ… the consistency isn’t always there. Living on the edge (financially) is the norm.

"Radio gave me something solid to focus on in the centre of all the other crazy stuff I’ve done along the way.

"I’ve loved working with all the fantastic stations which have employed me over the years."

Some of the "other stuff" that Boon says he will be focusing on include performing and writing new music with Inspiral Carpets, organising Mrs Boon's Tea Parties with his wife Charlie, organising Boon Army Events, working on a movie project and getting back into podcasting.

Among the stations Boon has worked for include Century FM, 96.2 The Revolution, XFM Manchester, Radio X and BBC Radio Manchester, along with XS Manchester.

Boon said he was leaving on a "very positive note" and that the decision was entirely his.

Despite his sudden departure from radio, Boon did not rule out a return to the airways in the future, saying "there's every chance I'll be back on the radio at some point".

Boon's final show on XS Manchester will be on Friday, December 22.