A hilarious video has emerged featuring a guilty dog not being able to look at its owner in the eye after making a bit of a mess. 

Many dog owners will know ( from experience) that you simply can't leave things out for your dog to find.

Unfortunately, Murphy's owner has found this out the hard way.

After forgetting to empty the bin, Murphy's owner came home to find that his dog had dragged all of the trash out.

Watch guilty dog Murphy avoid looking at his owner after making a mess

The naughty pooch created a considerable mess after leaving litter scattered all over the floor.

The video clip, which shows the rubbish all over the ground, also features a very guilty Murphy who appears to be seen with his eyes closed.

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Murphy's owner can be heard in the footage, saying: "Did I forget to empty the trash Murphy? I think I forgot to empty the trash.

"I thought you were gonna have a nice clean house to go into. Thanks for for letting me know that I forgot to empty the trash."

The footage was captured in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on October 9.

The news comes after a moving video was released that showed an adorable puppy learning to walk and wag his tail again after being left paralysed in a freak accident.

Spaniel Elton severely bruised his spinal cord when he bounced off a 50cm wall and landed on his back.

The 11-week-old pup was rushed to the vets who told his distraught owner Philippa Gascoyne he may never walk again.

Elton was referred to Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service in Solihull to undergo intensive physiotherapy.

After two weeks Elton was back on his paws and even starred in the Channel 5 show ‘The Dog Hospital’.