An up-and-coming indie group from Oldham has dropped their latest music video which, not only features more than 100 residents and landmarks to show the borough"to the world", but has gone viral in a matter of days.

The Two Connors, made up of brothers Callum Connor, 31, and Danny Connor, 32, have been making music since they were young boys from their home on the Derker estate.

The indie pop duo, who are renowned by their fellow Oldhamers for their positive attitude, took the world by storm last year after dropping their first track and being picked up by big studio producers, Sony Entertainment, and DJ Semtex in London.

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The song that kickstarted it all, Oldham Lowlife, proved a hit in the borough and beyond - and a professional music video released on GRM Daily amassed more than 67,000 views.

The Oldham Times: More than 100 residents turned up to show their support and dance in the videoMore than 100 residents turned up to show their support and dance in the video (Image: GRM Daily /YouTube)

Speaking to The Oldham Times about the song, Callum explained: "People ask us why we're calling ourselves low lives, but we're not.

"People deem you as a lowlife when you're unemployed and you're just trying to get by."

Callum also said the pair were "humbled" and grateful to have the support of Oldham behind them - and vowed to produce even more catchy tunes about their hometown.

Callum added: "I'm not religious but I believe that we do deserve it - maybe it's our moment now.

"They say you have one moment in your life, and maybe it's just our moment now.

"We grew up in a busy household with a single mum, so music is just something that people don't do around our estate."

The Oldham Times: The music video nods to wanting to escape the 'rat race' of everyday working lifeThe music video nods to wanting to escape the 'rat race' of everyday working life (Image: GRM Daily/YouTube/The Two Connors)

Now, the Derker duo have dropped their latest song, called Oldham Cobbled Roads, which has passed 100,000 views at the time of writing, just days after coming out.

The cinematic music video, directed by Ron Nengese, contains birdseye drone footage of Oldham and more than 100 familiar faces walking and dancing through the town centre.

Oldham's war memorial, church, a fish and chip shop, the market and, of course, its cobbled roads, feature throughout the video.

It also contains a snippet of the pair dressed in their construction and work gear, a nod to the everyday life they lead, while the lyrics refer to wanting to leave the working world behind and go home.

Callum explained the song is about wanting to escape the 'rat race' of life at work and going back home to Oldham, to their family and friends.

He continued: "It's about feeling as though your normal 9-to-5 job, in the warehouse or digging up roads or whatever, can be soul-draining.

"It's about wanting to go home to your loved ones and escaping that little rat race where you're stuck in the system."

The brothers invited "everyone" in Oldham to come to the filming of the video in the town in December last year in high hopes to create history "and become the town's story to the rest of the world".

Now the video is out, the song is seemingly doing exactly that as it has caught the eye of American music producers, Culterlabsmag and Calettomusic, who both posted a review and reaction to the song to their followers.

The Oldham Times: The brothers have even more up their sleeves for 2024The brothers have even more up their sleeves for 2024 (Image: Millie Webb promoter)

The Two Connors added: "We don't want to do this music just for our own benefit, we have the world in mind when writing.

"Music is possibly the most influential thing on earth, just one song can cheer you up and decide how your day will go.

"There is no denying that the music scene of today has fallen hugely. We have seen young lads go from being the most polite, innocent and positive kid, to becoming lost and negative.

"Hearing people rap openly about taking another human being's life and making a living from it just shows what mentality humanity has succumbed to.

The Oldham Times: Behind the scenes with more music videos in the pipelineBehind the scenes with more music videos in the pipeline (Image: Millie Webb promoter)

"If we can serve a purpose at all, we would love to provide the world with a bit more love. And we both feel that is through music."

An estimated 150 residents turned up to show their support for the video, which the pair described as "special" and a day they will "remember forever".

While the pair's promoter, Millie Webb, was tight-lipped about what to expect this year, she hinted "big things are happening".

She added: "Watch this space - more songs have been put together and more filming in the making.

"Ron, the film producer, is mega - he's made the videos look like films."

The Oldham Times: The Two Connors preach being kind and humble as the key to successThe Two Connors preach being kind and humble as the key to success (Image: GRM Daily/YouTube)

The Two Connors latest song is also now the anthem for Oldham's rugby team at Boundary Park.

Callum added: "So that's massive for us.

"I don't want to work in the warehouse, creating music and doing that for a living would be good.

"When we're done with this, then we'll just enjoy life.

"We're only here for a short time aren't we, so you might as well have a bit of fun.

"To me and Danny, success doesn’t mean having a house with a Bentley on the drive.

"Since being young we have always said please and thank you, respected our elders, and only ever looked down on someone when helping them up.

"I would say that’s success."

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