Frank Rothwell's son has asked for a fundraising push to help his daring dad on his way back to land.

The Oldham Athletic chairman has been rowing solo across the Atlantic Ocean since December 13 in an effort to raise money and awareness for Alzheimer's Research UK.

So far, Frank - who raised £1.1million in his first solo Atlantic mission - has raised just under £241,000.

His son, Latics director Luke, says it would be a tremendous boost to his dad if he could hit the quarter of a million pound mark before he reaches his destination of Antigua, especially after a rough few days.

Frank had hoped to have completed the World's Toughest Row by now, and beat his own world record as the oldest person to row solo across the Atlantic three years ago.

However, with just over 400 miles to go, having capsized three times early on the route, he suffered another major setback as strong winds and unfavourable currents pushed him back 10 miles, leaving him frustrated and deflated.

"It has been a completely different challenge this time. Many times more difficult," said Luke.

"The conditions have been extremely tough, he has capsized three times, he was thrown overboard. If he hadn't been on a lanyard he would have died - not that we needed reminding how potentially dangerous this challenge is.

"The trade winds and currents that have been established for thousands of years, have been absent. If the wind isn't coming from between North East and South East he has to go on para-anchor, basically a huge parachute that sits in the water and acts as an anchor.

"Dad was on para-anchor for over three days and pushed backwards by the wind and current. This obviously eats away at morale. He needs a boost.

"Ultimately he is doing this for all our families and friends because we are all impacted by Alzheimer’s. The money raised will help ‘Find a Cure’.

"The word ‘proud’ isn't strong enough, however there has been many times when - as a family - we would have preferred him home."

And Luke explained the emotional toll it had taken on the family.

"Tragically a gentleman, who was on a boat of four, had a heart attack and died. I can't imagine how traumatic that was. Remember, it is only 14 months since Dad had open heart surgery and his aorta replaced!," he continued.

"Shortly after this tragic news, we had nearly 48 hours without contact with dad. His boat wasn't moving as expected. The worry was all consuming. The thoughts and possible scenarios were upsetting.

"There is no support boat he is doing this completely unassisted."

Of the fundraising effort, Luke added: "His current total is incredible, it would be great for him to hit £250,000 before he arrives in Antigua. Last time he raised an amazing £1.1m but this time he doesn’t have nationwide BBC coverage. Let try our best to get closer to it."

Donations can be made through Frank's JustGiving page His estimated arrival in Antigua is February 14, where he will be greeted by his wife of over 50 years, Judith.

"Valentine’s Day... the old romantic," smiled Luke, who added: "Thank you for all your support, it has been incredible and we tell him every time we speak about the overwhelming volume of your good wishes. We have to stop because it makes him cry."