A cheeky puppy tore into boxes of cereal and was forced to have a makeover after her fur was left covered in sugar puffs.

A hilarious video shows owner Heather Hunt, 51, coming home to discover her two-year-old Zuchon Crumpet completely covered from head to toe.

Heather can be heard shouting "For the love of God! Who has left the cereal cupboard open?"

She later discovered her son Ryan had managed to trap the other two dogs, George and Mildred, in the front room and left Crumpet in the kitchen with the cereal cupboard door wide open.

The Oldham Times:

Heather, a head of year at a secondary school in Oldham added: "I came back in from shopping and it was all over the floor everywhere. I went mad.

"She got into two other cereal boxes too but the sugar puff cereal is covered in honey so it stuck to her fur like tar."

Heather tried to get the cereal out of Crumpet's fur but it proved to be lodged very deep.

The Oldham Times:

She added: "I couldn’t get them out. I tried to wet them but it just turned them into wallpaper paste.

"When I finally decided to take her to the groomers, it took them nearly three hours to wash her, cut all of the cereal out and make her look like a dog again.

"She looked like a completely different dog - almost like a different breed.

The Oldham Times:

"She was shaking and everything afterwards, as she was so used to her thick coat."

This isn't the first time Crumpet has gotten herself into mischief as Heather says she is always up to something.

She said: "She’s always getting into trouble.

The Oldham Times:

"I have an artificial grass garden with no mud in it at all and somehow she managed to come back with a her face caked in mud!

"Her and the other two dogs are always in the shopping too, I can't leave a bag unattended as they'll be straight into the ham.

"They drive me insane but I love them to death."