An urban explorer who is passionate about documenting historical buildings was caught by police twice when investigating Oldham's abandoned Masonic Hall.

Razor Twisted Exploring, who goes by the name 'Razor', first attempted to visit the former Grade II listed building on Union Street in June last year.

The impressive building, which is believed to be one of the oldest Masonic Halls in Greater Manchester and "possibly the country", had been on Razor's bucket list for some time.

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The Oldham Times: Firefighters helped him get down from the roof Firefighters helped him get down from the roof (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

However, he had to climb scaffolding to get onto the roof while under the cover of darkness and then once he made it to the top, cut the video short as he said: "I've been stopped in my tracks and have to go down now."

The camera then pans to several firefighters and police officers who can be heard encouraging him to abandon the mission.

After speaking to emergency services, he vowed to return to "finish off the journey".

The Oldham Times: He said the building is like a 'maze'He said the building is like a 'maze' (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

Sticking to his promise, Razor returned to the site again this year where he gained entry into the building through a window that had already been smashed.

The camera shows he squeezed through a "tiny gap" in the window before emerging in a large room that is stacked high with kitchen goods, a bathtub, rows of tables and chairs and various other old relics from vinyl records, casino stands to CDs, DJ equipment and an NME poster from 2004.

The room is so cluttered, Razor struggled to get out of the "jam-packed room" and had to climb over equipment.

The Oldham Times: The Grade II listed building is huge insideThe Grade II listed building is huge inside (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

In the grand stairwell, he found a pair of old salon chairs.

He said: "It's unbelievable to be ticking this off.

"The amount of years I've wanted to check out this place.

"There are some places in Oldham that are on my major to do list and this is another one.

The Oldham Times: Razor commented on the grand architecture of the buildingRazor commented on the grand architecture of the building (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

"I'm so happy to actually be in here."

Other rooms were brimming with media and tech equipment, such as arcades, TVs, speakers, projectors and lighting equipment.

Razor said: "It's all ready to do a show."

The Oldham Times: The salon chairs and a clockThe salon chairs and a clock (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

He then came across wooden cabinets and other wooden ornaments with inscriptions on them, which he described as "insane" while commenting that the rooms looked "more and more like Wellington rooms and Walton Hall - very masonic."

While physically having to climb over stacks of stuff, Razor said: "It's quite the maze - a huge place".

He captured the grand architecture of the abandoned building in snippets such as the blue and orange decorative ceiling in one room to a room full of orange toilets, plus grand columns and wooden bars while the stairway has a masonry symbol built into the structure. 

The Oldham Times: The stairsThe stairs (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

Another aspect of the building's "incredible architecture" can be seen in its main entrance arch which is made entirely out of wood.

While exploring its other rooms, he came across several more vintage items - a clock, a cash register, a decorative mirror, a popcorn machine, a mannequin, a club entrance sign, countless chandeliers and an old Apple computer.

Another room was filled with yet more music equipment.

The Oldham Times: Wooden structures with inscriptionsWooden structures with inscriptions (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

He said: "Crazy to see all this sound tech"

In the basement, he found even more chandeliers, including ones made of bicycle chains and crystals, plus a "creepy clown" toy and a room full of artwork.

Another room with a bar still had all its glasses stored on the shelves by a wooden keg barrel. 

The final room he explored had stage structures which he said must have meant it was used for performances.

The Oldham Times: Some of the lighting equipmentSome of the lighting equipment (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

He added: "It truly is incredible. [I'm] lost for words."

However, his exploration was once again cut shut as a police officer could be heard calling out.

Razor said he was searched by police but then let go.

The Oldham Times: Razor Twisted ExploringRazor Twisted Exploring (Image: Razor Twisted Exploring)

The urban explorer also said it is his ethos not to "encourage or condone" anyone to "follow in my footsteps" and that his YouTube channel, which has more than 3,500 subscribers, is for "purely educational purposes only".

Razor added: "I never force or condone entry, cause damage or criminal damage.

"I never take anything or steal but leave footprints behind and memories to share for a lifetime."

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