Professor Brian Cox has reacted after a song performed by a band he was in was blasted during Rishi Sunak's election announcement.

Yesterday (May 22), the Prime Minister announced that the country will go to the poles on Thursday, July 4 for a general election.

During his speech, the song 'Things Can Only Get Better' by D:Ream was played on a loud speaker nearby, a dig at the Prime Minister.

A number one hit in 1994, the song was adopted by the Labour Party ahead of the 1997 general election, pushing it into the charts again.

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Cox, who grew up in Chadderton, was D:Ream's keyboard player during the 90s before it disbanded in 1997 and has now reacted to the song being played near Downing Street yesterday.

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Prof Cox wrote: "Things Can Only Get Better is of course the most appropriate song for today, but let me throw another one into the ring to add a little variety."

Along with the text was a clip of Mr Sunak walking back into 10 Downing Street, with the song 'Frolic' by Italian composer Luciano Michelini.

The song is best known as the theme tune to American comedy show Curb Your Enthusiasm and has been adopted as a meme, played on top of videos that are often awkward or embarrassing.

A video on X posted by anti-Brexit protestor Steve Bray showed he was the one responsible for 'Things Can Only Get Better' being played during Mr Sunak's announcement.

Oldham voters will vote in the general election on Thursday, July 4.