The four 'best' bands emerging out of Oldham and Tameside have been hand-picked to perform at a major inaugural event this summer.

The first of many new band nights in Mossley is kicking off this summer which the organisers hope will shine a spotlight on local talent from the borough and beyond who are "on the cusp of great things".

The Vale, in the Vale Mill just off Micklehurst Road, is proud to be hosting the inaugural 'In Our Backyard' event after programming manager, Johnny Clifford, handpicked the "very best" bands in the thriving live music scene to bring it to life.

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Johnny said: “I’m constantly looking out for new local talent.

"There’s such a lot going on in Mossley right now and the four bands playing In Our Backyard are at the pinnacle of the local scene.

“It was really obvious to me that they had to play the first of what we hope will be an annual event.

"In my opinion, these are the best four bands in Tameside and Oldham right now.”

As well as being familiar on the local scene and playing regularly in respected Manchester venues, the bands are also receiving national attention from some big names.

The Oldham Times: Madame Claude come from Saddleworth and TamesideMadame Claude come from Saddleworth and Tameside (Image: The Vale/STPR)

Included on the line-up is  Saddleworth and Tameside-based, Madame Claude, whose members, Frank Williams, Henry Williamson, Gabriel Preston, Charlie Lawless and former circus performer, Mikey, promise to bring their unique blend of ska-based music to the event.

The band has even earned praise from Pauline Black, vocalist from two-tone legends Selector, who called them "the best ska band I've heard in ages" following a support slot.

Aside from The Selector nod, Madame Claude has also played live gigs with other ska favourites, The Beat and Bad Manners.

The band's appearance at The Vale follows the release of their debut EP, Holt Town Jig.

The Oldham Times: Jesus Knieval hail from Grasscroft, Ashton and MossleyJesus Knieval hail from Grasscroft, Ashton and Mossley (Image: The Vale/STPR)

Also joining them on the stage is Jesus Knieval, a three-piece band from Grasscroft, Ashton and Mossley.

The band has recorded and released music under its own Grasscroft-based label, also called Jesus Knieval, since 2007 with four albums under their belt and a string of nationwide tours to boot.

Their latest album, The Plural of Hiatus, was released in February this year.

Band members, Stephen Morris, Richie Gradwell and Pete Smyth said: "This is going to be an absolute embarrassment of musical riches.

"We’ll be joined by some of the best of the Mossley and Saddleworth music scene, which at the moment is positively brimming with creativity and awesomeness from every corner.”

The Oldham Times: Heavy Salad, from Mossley, took to Texas recentlyHeavy Salad, from Mossley, took to Texas recently (Image: The Vale/STPR)

Meanwhile, Heavy Salad, made up of Lee Mann, Rob Glennie, Esther Maylor, Ally McBoo, Toe Thomas and Budgie, has also been teased for the event after the Mossley crew performed as far afield as the esteemed Austin (Texas) festival, SXSW.

The band is currently recording their second and third albums at the London studios of Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, featuring production from the legendary Blur and The Smiths collaborator, Stephen Street.

Guest musicians include Martin Moscrop and Donald Johnson from A Certain Ratio, and artwork for the album is being created by Manchester’s Stanley Chow, in his "distinctive and instantly recognisable style".

Heavy Salad’s first album, Cult Casual, received hefty acclaim, including airplay from Jack Saunders on Radio 1, Elbow frontman Guy Garvey and DJ legend Steve Lamacq on 6Music, and John Kennedy on his long-running Radio X show.

The Oldham Times: Sugar Crease vow to bring the partySugar Crease vow to bring the party (Image: The Vale/STPR)

Finally, Sugar Creaase from Oldham and Greenfield, described as a "jubilant and highly energetic six-piece party band" will complete the line-up.

The band, featuring Christian, Mick, Andy, Mark and Richie, involves bongos and whistles and has been compared to the likes of Talking Heads and Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah.

Their latest single, Lemon Cake, was released in January.

Mossley DJ, Jason Rushton, will also keep the party going before, between and after, up until midnight. 

Jonny added: “We want people to come and see just how good our local talent is.

"We’re expecting a real mix of people on the night, and maybe even some industry reps.

“The bands all have their own loyal followings but it’s a great opportunity for everyone, regardless of musical taste, to enjoy a showcase of the best music Mossley and Tameside has to offer.”

In Our Backyard kicks off at 7pm on Saturday, June 22, with tickets starting from £12.50.

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