A Met Office weather warning for thunderstorms is in place in Oldham today (June 18).

The yellow weather warning is in place throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

According to the Met Office there is a risk of some damage to buildings and of some disruption on the roads and the rails as well as a risk of a loss of power or other services.

Here is the forecast:

10am - Overcast, 12°
11am - Overcast, 13° (start of yellow weater warning)
12pm - Overcast, 13°
1pm - Overcast, 14°
2pm - Overcast, 14°
3pm - Overcast, 15°
4pm - Cloudy, 15°
5pm - Cloudy, 15°
6pm - Heavy Rain, 14°
7pm - Heavy Rain, 14°
8pm - Light Rain, 13°
9pm - Cloudy, 13° (end of yellow weather warning)
10pm - Cloudy, 12°

For information go to metoffice.gov.uk.

This article was written by Jack Tooth. To contact him, email jack.tooth@newsquest.co.uk or follow @JTRTooth on Twitter.