The icing on the pitch!

For when it comes to supporting England in this year's Euros, one bakery has risen to the challenge to ensure everyone enjoys a sweet taste of success.

Bolton’s Poundbakery stores have created a special Ginger footballer to show support for the team.

Affectionately nicknamed Scholes by staff - after arguably the most famous ginger-haired England player (and brief Latics manager) Paul Scholes.

The footballer gingerbread man will be in all shops throughout the Euros, including both the Bolton town centre stores.

Kerry Bibby, Manager at Poundbakery on Newport Street in Bolton said it's nice for the stores to back England.

She said: “The new ginger footballers are delicious, I love the icing on top, the gingerbread is just the normal gingerbread, but the icing is different to the others we have made before.

Inside Bolton's Newport Street PoundbakeryInside Bolton's Newport Street Poundbakery (Image: NQ) “It has been a popular item so far, we have them in the baskets at the front of the store and some on the shelves and we had a woman just this morning (June 20) buy five.

“A lot of people are supporting England, our new ranges launched last week, and we put the posters in the windows, and they have done really well.

“We are selling a number of items to support England and to back our country this includes the new Chicken Vindaloo pasty, which is hot and spicy, we have the strawberry tarts, and then we have the ginger footballers priced at £1 each.

“We want to support England and back our town as well, we have put flags up in the store our self, all the staff chipped in for the decorations and we are going to wear t-shirts too if we get through.

“I just think it is good to support our country and support football – I’m not into football but my husband and son is, but we do want them to win, let’s hope they win.”

Area Manager Anthony “Ginge” Coburn said: “We all love the Ginger Footballer and he’s already got a nickname “Scholes”.

Ginger Footballer in white shirtGinger Footballer in white shirt (Image: Poundbakery) “We love gingers at Poundbakery—I’m ginger, our mascot Mr Tasty is ginger, and our logo is orange, so it’s all very on brand!”

Poundbakery are also launching a Jumbo Chicken Vindaloo Pasty, which promises a very spicy eat indeed.

Whilst Poundbakery can’t promise a victory for England, they say they can promise delicious treats this Euros season.

Ginger Footballers are priced at £1 each and the Jumbo Chicken Vindaloo Pasty is priced at £1.70 for one or 2 for £3.20.

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