Jim McMahon has held his seat in Oldham West, Royton and Chadderton as the Labour MP achieved a resounding victory.

Mr McMahon, who has held his seat since 2015, said he was delighted to continue representing the constituency.

The 43-year-old received 13,232 votes, giving him a majority of around 6,000 votes.

Following the announcement of the votes, Mr McMahon said: "What we have seen today and what we have seen across the country is after 14 years, the British people have had their say, and they want change.

"Frankly I am sick to death of working people doing everything that's being asked of them and they still can't get on in life.

"That can't happen."

Mr McMahon went on to thank his team and family for their support.

Earlier in the evening, Mr McMahon said he and all the candidates were "exhausted" following the six-week campaign.

He said it was important that Labour did not "overpromise" and were honest about the problems that the party faced.

Mr McMahon said: "What's been really important for me entering into this General Election, Labour doesn't overpromise.

"We're really realistic about what we're going to inherit and the scale of the challenge in the NHS, the education system, the housing system.

"Even the very good Labour things we'd want to do in other times, we're not going to be able to do today but if we get the plan right and we get the NHS back on its feet and get the economy back on track then we can begin to put money back into public services in a growing economy."

The resounding win for Labour in the constituency comes just two months after the party lost its majority of the local council in the local elections.

Coming second in Oldham West was independent candidate Zaffar Iqbal, whose main policy point centred on the Gaza conflict, gaining 8,256 votes.

Following him was Reform UK candidate David Silbiger, who gained 6,848 votes.

For a full list of all the results, click here.

Elsewhere in Oldham, Debbie Abrahams held on to her seat in Oldham East and Saddleworth with a comfortable victory in the borough she has represented since 2011.

Meanwhile, the first General Election with Failsworth making up part of the Manchester Central constituency saw Labour’s Lucy Powell retain her seat with a landslide victory.