A woman and a teenager sprung into action to rescue a family from a house fire on Friday.

Samiah Hussain and Westwood High student Zarah, 16, arrived at a get together at a home on Lynwood Drive in Greenacres at around 1pm.

But when Samiah - who is friends with Zarah's mum - and Zarah arrived they saw a fire had broke out in the porch.    

Samiah went into the house to warn those inside about the blaze while Zarah ran upstairs through thick black smoke to tell her older brother Aadam, 18, to get out.

It is understood that the fire was accidental and no-one was injured.

Zarah’s father Tariq said: ‘I’m so proud of my daughter. Everyone was panicking but she stayed calm.

"She realised her brother was upstairs. She covered her mouth because of the smoke and ran upstairs to get him out of the house.”

Cllr Shaid Mushtaq, who is Zarah's uncle, reserved praise for their quick-thinking too.

He said: ”Samiah’s actions literally saved the lives of my sister-in-law, my nephew, niece and other extended family members.

“She alerted everyone inside the house who had no idea what was happening then proceeded to try to put the fire out.

“Then my beautiful niece, Zarah, risked her life to run upstairs through the thick black smoke to alert her brother Aadam, who was oblivious to what was happening.”

Cllr Mushtaq added: “Thank you also to the fire service who arrived in numbers and dealt with the situation making the home safe to re-enter.”

A Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service spokesperson said: “At just after 1pm on Friday, July 5, fire crews were called to reports of fire at a home on Lynwood Drive, Oldham.

“Three fire engines from Chadderton, Hollins and Mossley quickly attended the incident.

"Fire crews made the area safe before departing after approximately 45 minutes.”