Mattresses, bed frames and other items have been dumped in the River Beal in Shaw -  with a councillor expressing his frustration it has not been cleared up.

A social media post was shared online on Sunday, July 7 and shows at least two mattresses, a bed frame and other furniture items having been dumped in the river, near to Jubilee Colliery. 

The images show the rubbish spread on the edges of the bank and in the river itself. 

A comment on the post said: "They've been there for at least a month, absolutely disgusting! Reported and for what.....they're still there!" 

Shaw and Crompton parish councillor Tom Penketh said he had reported the fly-tipping more than two weeks ago on June 20 after a resident raised the problem.

He said he was "not impressed" that it had not yet been removed. 

Cllr Penketh said that he usually receives an email update when fly-tipping is removed, and simply assumed it was a mistake he had not received one this time as he said that Oldham Council are usually "fairly quick" to deal with it.

The image Cllr Penketh uploaded with his reportThe image Cllr Penketh uploaded with his report (Image: Cllr Tom Penketh)

Speaking with The Oldham Times, he said: "After seeing the post on Facebook showing the fly-tipping still in the river, I was quite disappointed that it's still there over two weeks after being reported.

"I understand there are risks involved with staff moving the rubbish, but I don't believe anyone has even been to look at the site and judge whether it's safe to move or not.

"Fly-tipping is harmful to wildlife, especially in an area like this, and the longer it's there people will think they can get away with dumping their rubbish where they please with no consequences." 

He added: "I've noticed an increase in fly-tipping reports and I've had two separate cases in the exact same location within the past few weeks.

"Us Liberal Democrat councillors are committed to protecting our public spaces from environmental crimes, and support tougher action on offenders."

According to law around waste disposal, fly-tipping from households can incur a fine of up to £5,000 and repeated instances resulting in a possible Anti-Social Behaviour Order (ASBO).

Cllr Chris Goodwin, cabinet member for Don’t Trash Oldham, said: “Fly-tippers are not bothered about where they dump rubbish and who it affects.

“Over the last few years our Don’t Trash Oldham teams, and volunteers, have worked hard to clean up the borough, but there are still a tiny minority of people who think it is ok to dump waste.

“Our staff have visited the site, and unfortunately, we could not find any evidence linking the waste to an individual or business.    

“The waste will be removed but because our teams cover the whole borough, sometimes it can take longer to remove it.

“If you witness fly-tipping, we’d always ask you to report it via the council website so we can investigate. We will take action where we can.”