OLDHAM boxing prospect Aqib Fiaz insists he would be prepared to fight behind closed doors – and would happily do it for free.

The British Boxing Board of Control have earmarked July as a possible return date for fights in the UK with certain restrictions.

They include fighters wearing masks on their ring walks, a ban on spit buckets used in corners between rounds and cards being limited to five contests.

The economics of the sport will also change and Fiaz, promoted by Matchroom’s Eddie Hearn and trained by Jamie Moore, would waive his purse to help out those trying to get the sport back up and running.

“I’ve just signed with Matchroom and in terms of Eddie putting a show together, there’s going to be no fans and no ticket sales, so money could be an issue for a promoter and I was saying to Jamie I would be willing to fight for free because I’m lucky enough to have the sponsors who back me,” the unbeaten 20-year-old told The Oldham Times.

“I’m not saying it just to get a fight. It’s to help out.

“I know it might be difficult to put a show together because you’ve got to pay all the fighters and I would do it for free.

“I’ve done it my whole life, I’ve not been a professional long, and I just love fighting, it’s something I enjoy and I don’t mind not getting paid for it.

“I’ve probably not even crossed Eddie’s mind but it’s something I’d love to do.

“It would give me a guaranteed slot on the TV as well, that’s something I’ve not had before.”

Part of Fiaz’s appeal to Hearn is his vocal fanbase something that would have to be put to one side if he was to fight under Covid-19 restrictions.

Currently on lockdown with his mum, dad, brother and sister in Lees, the former Northside ABC man also has confidence in the authorities to get the safety guidelines right.

“It’s difficult. I’m a fighter who brings a lot of fans and stuff to fights, it would be a little strange but for me a fight’s a fight,” said Fiaz, who has won all five fights as a professional.

“We used to box in international tournaments in sports halls in Denmark with about 20 people in there and none of them could speak English so it doesn’t really matter to me.

“It’s not going to the same, it can’t be. The boxing board and government will put things in place to make sure everything is run safely and there’s testing.

“If everything is done safely then and there is no concerns then I’m more than happy to fight behind closed doors and for free.

“I’m in Ramadan at the moment so July time would give me six weeks or so to get ready. It’s something I’d really look forward to.”