Oldham Athletics’ sports science and performance analyst has been handed a six-match ground ban by the FA for using abusive language.

Neil Skidmore has also been fined £300 and ordered to complete an education course after admitting to twice using abusive and/or insulting words towards Stevenage security staff before the 0-0 draw at Broadhall Way on January 14.

The words used were deemed by the FA to be an “aggravated breach” of rules as “they included a reference to disability and sexual orientation respectively”.

The punishment was handed out following a meeting of an independent regulatory commission which sat on June 3.

According to the FA’s written reasoning for the decision, Stevenage have received a warning for the way in which Skidmore was ejected from the stadium.

Of Skidmore, it said he “regretted the use of the language. He explained that he had used language that he would not usually consider using, but that the circumstances had led to him making the comments.”

The language he used however was deemed to be “undoubtedly unacceptable”.