Kane Baker has taunted Aqib Fiaz with a simple message ahead of their meeting on Sunday night – “please turn up”.

Baker was left bitterly disappointed last month after his golden opportunity on the big stage was taken away at the last moment, Fiaz pulled from their eight-round contest on the eve of the fight, with the 21-year-old’s team deeming him unfit to box at Fight Camp.

That has led to something of a war of words between the camps and Baker, a former Midlands Area lightweight champion who has won 13 and lost six as a professional, still holds a grudge after they did not meet as planned first time around.

The Birmingham fighter said: “Fiaz has got the chance to come again, but I’ll tell you now, if I wasn’t well and I pulled out of the fight, I wouldn’t be sat here today getting my chance again, That’s a fact.

“I’ve had a lot of people message me, there’s more support for me out there now after what happened.

“I’ve heard that he did a lot of that kind of thing in the amateurs, missing weight.

“He had things his own way in the amateurs and if he wasn’t ready to fight then the fights got pulled. He’s known for it.

“This is what I’ve been told. I know in my heart of hearts what I believe.”

The 30-year-old is delighted that the backstory has given the fight some added interest and insists he has a plan when it comes to trying to inflict a first defeat on Fiaz.

He said: “It was a hard wait waiting for the new date but (promoters) Matchroom stuck to their word and I’m back out again.

“I’m in the same position, but there’s much more interest in the fight this time. I’m ready to go straight away. We know the tactics and the plan.

“It could all go out of the window, and I could just go back to all I know which is having a good tear up. Either way, this fight is going to get 110 per cent of me.

“I’m going to leave everything in that ring. I know the job at hand. I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I know what I’ve got to do. I know my strengths, and I’m going to show them on Sunday.

“That should be enough. Aqib, please turn up mate.”