HARRY Kewell is closing in on his first January signing, but could not rule out having to lose some of his squad to pave the way for new faces.

The Latics head coach is looking to add two or three players during this transfer window, and was hoping to reveal his first today, although they would not be eligible to be involved in tonight’s home game with Mansfield (kick-off 7.45pm).

But while he is keen to keep key members of his squad, club finances mean there may have to be sacrifices.

“We’ve got a fantastic squad at the moment but unfortunately times are

difficult at the moment so if we do bring some in we may have to move some on,” said Kewell.

“It’s not a nice thing about football, but we have to do what’s right for the club.”

Kewell is also mindful of external interest in some of his star men and although the club have not yet received any enquiries about any of their players, the head coach admits that they are on their guard.

“In any market, either in January or the summer time, I think players know that anything can happen,” he said.

“You can be in great form, scoring 15 goals, happy, thinking you’re not going to move, and then someone could just come in there with mind-boggling money and just tempt you away, and you’d not been thinking of that.

“I think everyone’s on high alert, none more than myself because you don’t want to lose any of your key players. But unfortunately someone could come in and offer money that in this day and age we may need it and we may have to adjust.

“So we’re all on our toes, we’re all preparing right, we’re all working together to do what’s right for the club.

“If offers come in for players then we’d have to listen to them, but hopefully not.”

Of the chance of incomings, Kewell said on Tuesday afternoon: “Hopefully we can announce a signing today, which I’m excited about.

“We’re waiting on that. If it’s not today then maybe tomorrow, and we are talking to one or two more players.

“We’ll wait and see.”