OLDHAM Athletic boss Harry Kewell has said he will stand by his players and not point the finger of blame when results go against them.

Individual errors proved costly in Tuesday night’s game at Forest Green Rovers, where Latics came back twice only to lose 4-3 in the end at The New Lawn.

The second goal conceded was arguably the most notable, with goalkeeper Ian Lawlor not doing enough to prevent Baily Cargill from scoring the second of his two on the night.

And although Latics have one of the better away records in the division, other defensive lapses contributed to a 13th League Two defeat of the season.

But Kewell insisted their mentality was to win together and lose together, and not look to play the blame game.

“Blaming this one or blaming that one, you attack and you defend as a team. We’ve got to do better on the defensive side,” said the Oldham boss.

“You attack as a team, you defend as a team, simple as, and I won’t have anyone saying anything different.”

Free-scoring Oldham have scored four a few times this season, but this was the first time they had conceded that many in a league game.

And Kewell was particularly frustrated that Forest Green were not made to work hard for the points.

“We play to a structure, we play to an idea. Moments let us down in certain parts of the game which cost us. When we do make a silly mistake it usually ends up being a goal,” he said.

“As they make mistakes it doesn’t really end up a goal. We have to work really hard to create chances and get goals so it’s disappointing, very frustrating.”

But Kewell felt there were other factors which contributed to the defeat, with the performance of referee Robert Lewis a particular frustration.

“I’m not going to go too much into it because you clearly see there are fouls and pulls and all that and he (the referee) says play on and all of a sudden he gives them again,” said the Oldham boss.

“Most of their chances came from the referee giving them the opportunity to have a set piece.

“You’re just sitting there and you’re asking the question. I asked at half-time, I said ‘Ref, are we being aggressive?’. He said ‘No’, I said “Okay, well then what’s the story?’.

“He couldn’t answer it. And then even with (Jamille) Matt’s goal I said ‘You put the whistle to your mouth, where you thinking of something?’ He said ‘Yes’. I said ‘Clearly then there’s an obstruction, something’s happened’. He said ‘No’, I said ‘Why are you putting the whistle to your mouth then?’ So I don’t get it.

“But, hey, got to suck it up.”