HARRY Kewell is not ruling out using the free agent market to further bolster his Latics squad.

The Oldham boss is however cautious of the fitness of any new arrivals who have been without a club and how long it might take them to get up to speed.

Lists released by the EFL this week revealed Latics had filled 20 of their 22 allocated places in their squad, with under-21 players not counting towards the quota introduced this year.

That means there is room to manoeuvre but Kewell insists there is plenty to weigh up about potentially bringing someone in.

“It’s something that has been discussed,” he told The Oldham Times ahead of today’s game at Tranmere.

“We’ll look at the options going forward but I think we have a nice harmony in the squad at the moment and I don’t want to disturb that.

“Over the last few performances I’ve seen some really nice moments and I’m not just talking about five or 10 minutes, I’m talking about 25-30 minutes of the half where we’ve looked very good.

“I think we’re slowly progressing and getting to a level but we’ve got to have that ruthlessness that when we do get on top of teams we punish them.”

The ability of any new face to hit the ground running is a major concern for Kewell given how hectic the League Two schedule is in the weeks and months to come.

Latics did bring in Marcus Barnes last month, the striker without a club since leaving Southampton last summer, but the 24-year-old had been training with the club for some time.

“As much as people say there’s an option to buy a fantastic player that may be a free agent the one thing you must look at is the fitness level,” said Kewell.

“You can be a fit player and run around all the parks in the world and do all the training in the world but it’s match fitness that you need.

“A player doesn’t get his fitness for at least five or six games. That’s what he needs to play and when you actually see the best of a player.

“It takes time if you get a free agent.”

As expected, the squad list submitted to the EFL does not include exiled defender David Wheater.

Players can be added at any point though if there is space within the 22-player limit.