A LATICS supporters’ group have called for Trust Oldham to take up their offer of support for the good of the club’s future.

Push The Boundary, who have protested against the ownership of Abdallah Lemsagam, want to co-operate fully with the Trust, who have a seat on the club’s board, to try and navigate through a tumultuous spell in the club’s history.

PTB are attending the Trust’s next meeting on April 7 and have laid out their intentions in advance in the hope of bringing about change.

“We have seen many calls for a united fanbase, something which was repeatedly raised in our working groups and while we appreciate that not all supporters will share the same views on some issues, the common ground is that we all want the club to be successful both on and off pitch,” PTB’s statement read.

“As we have already mentioned via social media, we are attending the Trust Oldham monthly meeting on Wednesday April 7 and in advance of this we have made our feelings perfectly clear in that our offer of help remains and we would welcome them taking us up on this.

“There are numerous ideas that we would like to discuss with the Trust, not least regarding fan ownership of the club, the ACV, fundraising for the future of the club and the fans walking away from the club in their droves and this meeting will be a good starting point.

“We believe that an approach where both groups have specific goals but can operate independently, is possible and can be of benefit to the fanbase.

“One area is that PTB can apply pressure, with the help of supporters, and the Trust have a seat in the boardroom that PTB doesn’t wish to occupy.

“If supporter groups are to work together then we must share the same views for the future of our club, otherwise a clear direction can never be formed.

“As with anything, the first step of making things better, is to find common ground and work out what needs to be fixed.

“One thing is certain in our situation, and it’s that we can’t continue to sit by and accept what is happening at our club.

“Now is the time for supporters to act. It is for these reasons that we are asking the Trust to reach out and accept our offer of help.”

With Latics sitting 17th in League Two, PTB feel on-the-field matters cannot be treated in isolation given what is happening in the boardroom.

The statement continued: “It is yet another season that passes us by where there is a distinct lack of progress. Another managerial change, more player disputes and one of the worst league finishes in our history. All things sadly symptomatic of the current ownership.

“We crave stability on and off the pitch, and we feel opportunities have been missed to build a strong, stable squad that will only need a tweak in the summer, rather than the complete overhaul we have seen in recent years.

“There have been very brief moments this season when we have had the play-offs in sight but ultimately our highest league position has been 12th, we have the worst defence and outside of the two teams rooted to the bottom of division, the worst goal difference in the entire league.

“While league football is our bread and butter, we have to accept that it is stability off the pitch that truly lays the foundations for success on it.”