The Wembley dream has gone for another year.

What was particularly frustrating against Swinton was the fact that we dominated large parts of the game but simply could not hang on to the ball when in our opponent's half.

The feeling was it was certainly a game we could have won which only made it worse.

For the coaches and players, however, it has been put to bed following the video review – as it has to be – and we move on to our first game of the league season today... against Swinton!

Sunday will be fresh in the minds of everybody but from our perspective so will the desire to put things right.

The lads have worked hard in training this week to tweak some things and hopefully to make sure we don't make the same mistakes.

I have mentioned previously about all the protocols we are having to follow at present and this continues to be the case.

For the two homes games we have played so far and for last week's match the team have been getting changed in unusual circumstances.

As the capacities of dressing rooms are reduced to maintain social distancing it means that both the home and away dressing rooms are occupied by one team which means that at Stalybridge we took the decision to relocate to the sponsors' lounge.

In there we can all be together instead of being split into two rooms. It has been different, but the lads have adapted well to it.

One of the downsides though is that it means the lads can't have a shower after the match until the opposition have finished in one of their dressing rooms.

We have had lads, therefore, going home without a shower and that's not ideal but is just one example of how things have had to be adapted to ensure things can go ahead.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have also noticed how at the beginning of a game now one team comes out first, followed by the other, then the reverse at half-time as the teams go back in and then the same at full-time.

This is all to make sure in the dressing room areas there is no crossing over of players and officials and to maintain social distancing wherever possible.

It might all sound a bit daft when the players are then knocking

seven bells out of each other on the pitch but that is the way it is!

The seriousness of the situation is still very much at the forefront of our minds and that is evidenced by the investigation this week into alleged breaches of Covid regulations by Featherstone players and staff mixing in a bar after their game last week.

Covid is still very real and very serious and as a club we are doing our best to make sure we try to do our best for the staff and players.