KEITH Curle says there will be a plan of action for next season, even if he is not the man to carry it out.

The 57-year-old has served the length of his initial, short-term contract, culminating in the final game of the season at home to Forest Green Rovers.

There has not yet been any indication whether his tenure will be extended.

But either way Curle says steps will be taken to ensure the club is geared up for a good pre-season.

When asked after Saturday's 3-0 home defeat to Forest Green Rovers, who secured a play-off place, what happens next, Curle said: "There are going to be some further discussions with the football club.

"There's a structure that needs to get put in place.

"I've said whichever way my future lies what I would do as a professional is set a structure in place for the beginning of pre-season, that's the right thing to do.

"Even if it's not me the structure's in place because it's the right thing to do."

Curle has also given his recommendations about which players should be retained for next season, and which should be released.

He is set to meet which each member of the squad individually today to deliver his assessment of them both professionally and personally, after which a retained list is expected to be announced in the early part of the week.

"Make no mistake, the owners see the same as I do. The conversations that I've had, they've got a vision, they've got a pathway, they want to improve and they want to develop," said Curle.

"The changing room consistently has let the football club down.

"If they don't know, it will get reinforced on Monday morning. I will be meeting with all the players on Monday and I will show them the professional respect by being honest with them and telling them exactly what I think - not say something to fluff them up and wish them a good holiday, they are going to leave with the honest truth.

"Sometimes the truth can help some people. Other times, if they shy away from it and ignore it and think that what I'm telling them is wrong, then good luck to them on their journey.

"The decisions have already been made. I've spoken to the owners and the key stakeholders at the football club about what in my opinion were the decisions that needed to be made for the players.

"Everybody's in agreement with it.

"The next people to find out will be the players.

"Monday or Tuesday there will be a retained list and a released list published."

He added: "It's not a decision that's made on the last day of the season. Ever since I came in and started working here I've been assessing individuals, not only on performances but how they are in and around the environment that we're trying to create, and that's on a daily basis.

"The first day I came in I said I'm quite a relaxed character, I try to create an environment that is relaxed, but there's a very thin line between relaxed and sloppy, and the one thing I'm not is sloppy, but we've got players in that changing room that have smudged the lines consistently.

"The season's over, I don't think the football department has given a good enough account of themselves.

"League Two is about not making silly mistakes and the players in that changing room keep making silly mistakes.

"If you've got a vision and you want to get better you've got to get better players in that don't make the same mistakes week in, week out."