KEITH Curle insists he is more than ready for everything that comes with being the man tasked with getting Latics heading back in the right direction.

Since arriving in March to replace Harry Kewell, the former Northampton and Carlisle boss has made no secret of what he has made of the situation he has walked into at Boundary Park.

Pulling no punches in interviews as Oldham finished a disappointing 18th in League Two, Curle is now working to build a squad capable of being at the sharp of the division next season.

The latest in an increasingly long line of appointments by owner Abdallah Lemsagam and his sporting director brother Mo, the ex-Manchester City man would appear to have his work cut out on that front.

But as an experienced boss who knows how to get a team out of the fourth tier having taken Northampton up via the play-offs two years ago, he is ready to take the rough with the smooth in the weeks and months ahead.

“When the football club does well and we get results I want the players to get the recognition, the football club to get the recognition and the supporters to enjoy their football club,” Curle said.

“When things or results don’t go well, blame me and I won’t shy away from it.

“I’ll be in the technical area, I’ll be the forefront of the football club and I will never shy away from responsibility. That’s what you get from me.

“And when praise is due, I can’t wait to give praise, and likewise I take my responsibility as head coach of the football club. I’m there and I’m accountable.”

Curle has already spoken about wanting to build a relationship with supporters having overseen the final couple of months of the season behind closed doors.

Having turned his initial short-term deal into a two-year contract, now he is ready to face a fanbase that is increasingly distant from its football club, such have been the issues around Lemsagam’s three years as owner.

Curle, the seventh man placed in charge by the Moroccan, insists he is ready for a two-way conversation with supporters though, as difficult as that might be.

“I like to think that I’m reflective in terms of if someone’s open and honest and transparent with me, I’m the same back with them,” he said.

“If someone is underhand or has a hidden agenda they are going to get the answer they expect, it will be straight off the bat. I’ve got nothing to hide.”

“I do my job, I think I’m good at my job and I know what’s expected from me.

“I’m accountable for what I do and my actions and I’m accountable for what I say.

“I don’t look for confrontation, but I don’t shy away from it.”