So near and yet, so far!

That was the feeling after a narrow defeat up at Whitehaven last Sunday.

As hard as we tried, we just couldn’t get over the line. What we did do differently though, was give ourselves a chance to win the game and although I know others might not see that in the same way as we do internally it is a big progression from where we have been.

We showed a lot of improvement in the things Brian McDermott has been working on with the lads which is really important if we are wanting to achieve our end goal this season.

I can’t remember the last time an Oldham team made yards like we did last Sunday against a big physical Cumbrian team like ‘Haven.

Time and time again we went virtually from one end of the field to the other to the point where after the game they were commenting on it.

In the video review Brian highlighted in statistics some of the stark progress the lads made from the Bulls game to the Whitehaven game and seeing those really lifted the lads’ spirits.

Brian’s focus this week has been on other areas where he can see quick progress needs to be made and once again the squad has embraced what he has asked them to do.

We have another tough ask this week as we face a London Broncos side that is full-time with all the benefits that brings.

We also know though, that they are beatable. We showed in defeat in the capital that we can score points against them, and we will be looking to do the same this Sunday.

Their last game was cancelled due to them having a Covid outbreak so it will be interesting to see what team they put out.

The Covid situation within the game is rising as cases in the community rise with more and more matches being called off. That is a worrying trend for the game as a whole.

As restrictions are lifted in the general population is it important for people to know that is not the case in relation to the club.

As far as the team is concerned everything remains the same – all the testing, the bio-secure bubble, the restrictions on match-day meaning we still use the hospitality room as our changing room and all the social distancing measures that go with that.

We have put on a special low admission price for this weekend’s match in an attempt to get more people down and supporting the team at a time when we need you all behind us. The price of £12 is excellent value so please spread the word!

Finally, please stay with us – this is not about one match. We know we are in a difficult position, but we are getting there.