Barnsley boss Poya Asbaghi hopes his side can spring a surprise on Rovers in a bid to curtail the momentum of Tony Mowbray’s men.

Asbaghi has picked out Rovers’ counter-attacking threat as one area Barnsley must be mindful of if they are to leave Ewood Park with a  positive result.

And despite their struggles, he hopes they can show a level of quality that will pose Rovers issues.

He said: “You have to respect that they have good form and that they are dangerous on the counter-attack, so of course stopping counter-attacks is an important weapon for us going there.

“I know if we can stop them from what they have done well, that’s one part, and the second thing is to do the things so well offensively that we know we can do.

“We don’t only have to improve one part of our offense – we need to improve different ways; we need to be better at counter-attacks, we have to be better at solving the opponent’s pressing and create chances from that.”

Asbaghi says momentum can disappear just as quickly as it arrives and wants to put Rovers to the test tonight.

“When a team is in good form, you need to have a really good performance because they will have a lot of confidence,” he added.

“But I’m pretty sure that if we show a really good side, if we can take with us the defensive organisation and work rate from the last game and add even more offensive quality, we will surprise Blackburn. Then we will take away the momentum that they already have.

“When we take away the momentum in the game, then we have all the chances to win the game.

“Form, of course, helps you to have confidence, but it is something that is also lost pretty fast. You can win five games in a row, but the moment you lose, those five games are forgotten.”