The announcement of Oldham Athletic's takeover yesterday by Frank Rothwell and his family saw scenes of jubilation amongst supporters outside Boundary Park.

The reaction from fans and local leaders has been nothing but positive.

Adam Keeley, from the supporters' group Push the Boundary, said Rothwell's takeover meant a "fresh start" for the club.

Adam said: "He’s just an Oldhamer, [a] local lad who just wants to do well for the town and it can only be a good thing, can’t it?"

Steve Shipman, also from Push the Boundary, echoed the approval of Rothwell.

He said: "With someone like Frank coming on board, just the work he’s done with local communities and charities, he’s clearly a popular character.

"If his enthusiasm rubs off around the club then I think we’re in a good space."

Matt Dean, director of the Oldham Athletic Supporters Foundation said he believes Rothwell is "just what the club needs".

Matt said: "He’s not coming in saying we’re going to be in the Championship or Premier League in five years. It’s about resetting everything."

Rothwell is known as the owner and founder of Manchester Cabins as well as for his achievement of being the oldest person to row across the Atlantic, raising £1 million for Alzheimer's Research UK in the process.

He delivered an energetic press conference before greeting fans outside the stadium.

Oldham Council leader Amanda Chadderton said: "Frank and the Rothwell family are fantastic ambassadors for Oldham and know exactly what it takes to build a successful organisation.

"As proud Oldhameres, we're delighted they are championing their hometown once again."

Also offering their approval of the takeover were some of Oldham's MPs.

Jim McMahon said on Twitter "it looks like football’s coming home", while Angela Rayner described the announcement as "good news".

The supporters said they believed the takeover would lead to many fans returning to Boundary Park this season.

Steve said: "I can see big crowds, I think we’ll do everything we can to get as many people in the ground as possible to back Shez (manager John Sheridan) and team."

Matt said: "Boundary Park is going to be packed next season."

When asked how Oldham would fare this season, Adam joked they'd finish 17th.

He said: "No, it's about stability isn't it? Finishing in the top half would be a bonus."

Meanwhile, both Steve and Matt are hopeful of a push for the playoffs.